The Sweetest Wine – A Quadrille

Your lips taste like the sweetest wine
Your body curves like a sensuous vine
Your eyes with lust filled mischievousness shine

The world disappears when my eyes meet thine
For your love I knelt at Aphrodite’s shrine
I’m over the moon ecstatic that you’re mine


Written for tonight’s Quadrille prompt at dVerse. A Quadrille is a 44 word (not including title) poem that must contain the prompt word, which tonight is wine.

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Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

It’s Springtime Again – A Folk Song (with Audio), April Ekphrastic Challenge

Green Man – John Law

Seasons they come, and seasons they go
There’s no need to shed tears for summer
She’ll come come back again, when the flower moon glow
And we’ll dance to magic midsummer

It’s springtime again
It’s springtime again
The green man has brought it back to us
Trees budding again
Grass growing again
Time to plant seeds and be joyous

Seasons they go, and come back again
Though we might forget during winter
But soon there once more be sun in the glen
And we’ll fill the forest with laughter

It’s springtime again
It’s springtime again
The green man has brought it back to us
Trees budding again
Grass growing again
Time to plant seeds and be joyous


It’s Spring Time Again sung acapella by RedCat

For some reason after reading up on the Green Man I started to think about folk songs and ballads. And one in particular started playing in my head – In folk song tone (I Folkviseton) by Nils Ferlin, a poet who I sang long before I read. It’s a well known love song.

So, I ended up writing a poem that is set to the same tune as Ferlin’s poem. And then making an acapella recording of it. :-)

I’ve had similar ideas befor, but this is the first time I actually managed to pull it together. Which makes me very happy and proud indeed. Maybe someday I will actually reach that elusive song writer place.
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Also shared with Open Link Night at dVerse.

John Law

“Am 68. Live in Mexborough. Retired teacher. Artist; musician; poet. Recently included in ‘Viral Verses’ poetry volume. Married. 2 kids; 3 grandkids.”

April Ekphrastic Challenge – GloPoWriMo 2021

Colours Beneath the Sky – January Ekphrastic Challenge, January 11

Kerfe Roig -Beneath Cloud Winds

Colours beneath the sky
In pale blue swallows fly
Sparkling mischievous eyes

Hawks soar with white wisps
The salty blue calm, no ships
Smiling strawberry red lips

Pink stars scatter the ground
Fragrant green all around
Sweet summer love found

To lay on heath is soft
Wind caresses, then is lost
Touch on skin lifts joy aloft

Blushing on milk-white as she lay bare
Alluring like the day is fair
Dream that she would ever dare


Kerfe Roig

A resident of New York City, Kerfe Roig enjoys transforming words and images into something new.  Her poetry and art have been featured online by Right Hand PointingSilver Birch PressYellow Chair ReviewThe song is…Pure HaikuVisual VerseThe Light EkphrasticScribe BaseThe Zen Space, and The Wild Word, and published in Ella@100Incandescent MindPea River JournalFiction International: Fool, Noctua Review, The Raw Art Review, and several Nature Inspired anthologies. Follow her explorations on her blogs,  (which she does with her friend Nina), and, and see more of her work on her website

Golden Dawn Of A New Year – 5 December

The shortest day of the year
We gather to lore hear
Keep the Yule log blazing bright
All through the cold dark Midwinter night

The longest night of the year
We gather ancestral spirits near
Keep the covens magic might
Shining spell beacon in the endless night

The darkest night of the year
We gather all we hold dear
Keep the heart fire in our minds sight
Steady soul rhythm all through the quiet night

Until the golden dawn of a new year


Through that window I got a glimpse into the Three Witches world once again. For more read Witches Walpurgis Night Preparation.

Written for today’s Adventcalendar post, and The Sunday Muse.

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Staring out a Windowpane

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

She stared out the windowpane.
The garden looked the same.
No help to an pandemic frame.

To witness the historic now.
While searching for how
To relieve suffering somehow.

Her reverie disturbed.
Flutter of wings is heard.
A landing blackbird.

In its birds eye gaze.
Reflection show all the ways.
Loving compassion leads out of this maze.

So she starts to write.
What she saw with her inner sight.
As she meditated on this long dark human night.

That every human need to reflect.
On everyone’s worth and need to love connect.
To responsibility for planet and all humans accept.


Inspired by the Friday Fictioneer photo, and my meditation found mantra from earlier today.

A prose poem story in 100 words.

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