Serpent’s Kiss – A Sonnet

Whitby Abbey in the harbour town of Whitby on the Yorkshire coast. The location where Count Dracula arrives in England, Stoker’s visit to the town in 1890 provided him with atmospheric settings for a Gothic novel, and a name for the vampire.
– From Wikipeda and, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Serpent’s Kiss

She’s bathed in pale ethereal allure.
Drawing men to her as honey draws flies.
Fighting each other to be her amour.
Glamour hiding that her chosen will die.

All they see are her lustrous pearly skin.
Lust filled eyes shining dark bottomless pools.
Hiding the blood hungry demon within.
A shriveled heart drinking others’ as fuel.

At length, the battle yields tonight’s champion.
Lust raging, he’s ready to claim his prize.
Proudly he beams as she smiles and beckons.
Thinking the night will end with his pleased sighs.

Lying close before that last draining kiss.
Her intended meal hears a serpent’s hiss.


1899 first American edition, Doubleday & McClure, New York
– via Wikimedia Commons

Until yesterday I didn’t know there was such a thing as World Dracula Day, but if the cinnamon bun has a day then the world’s most famous vampire certainly deserves one. Seeing the call for submissions on The Wombwell Rainbow I remembered a draft I started a while back but didn’t finish. So I went back and finished my vampire sonnet.

Featured on the Wombwell Rainbow for World Dracula Day May 26th.

Also shared to Open Link Night at dVerse.

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