A Gilded Cage is Still a Cage – Flash Fiction


Every evening she goes to the beach. I wonder if it’s the setting sun or the sea she beseech.
What does she hear in the sounds of the waves?
The right incantation to keep her loved ones safe?
The right offering to calm the sea?
A safe path for her sisters to flee?

A gilded cage is still a cage. However posh it looks to those downstage.
The pain, hurt and oppression happens backstage. 

However noble your birth. There’s truly just one species of humans on Earth.

Set all those princesses free. They are people just like you and me.


Note: For both effect and for the international women’s day (March 8th) I choose her, sisters, and princesses. But in reality both princes and princesses, and every other royal should be set free.

Photo by Jessica Cortez from Pexels

All week I’ve had this – A gilded cage is still a cage – phrase in my mind. Brought about by one of Sweden’s political pundits comments on the intervju with Harry and Meghan. She (the political pundit) commented that many people have a lot worse life situation then those two. 

And while that is a true statement. If there’s even a smidgen of truth to, for example; the comments about their, then unborn, child’s skin colour. Every caring, equality minded person out there should be outraged!

The phrase stayed in my mind for another reason though. A question that cropped up after reading the pundits comments. Would she say the same – that wealth and standing precludes you from having and/or airing grievances – if we were talking about one of the Saudi princesses

The one’s risking their lives to flee only to be dragged back and locked in very luxurious prisons. Unable to speak freely. Unable to communicate freely. Stopped from moving around freely. Denied to live freely after their own hearts and minds.

I’ve never been especially either for or against royal families. But the older I get, the more the whole thing seems like ancient ludicrous beliefs that many people would be freer and happier without.

Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt.

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Among the Amazon’s – A Rondeau

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

Among the Amazon’s live free
Not caring how man woman sees
Free to be as our soul hearts say
Free to love whomever you may
Free to let dreams life’s path decree
Among the Amazon’s

No war or strife all genders free
No world drawn by a single me
All love safe in this land’s hands lay
Among the Amazon’s

Honestly caring is the key
No love punished by death decree
Nor bi, trans, queer, poly and gay
Can’t wait for that bright rainbow day
When true heart’s can live and love free
Among the Amazon’s


Been wanting to write a Rondeau for some time now. And thinking of the opening lines prompt last week I know it’s because I haven’t found the right opening line for refrain.

Written for Poetics – War Poetry over at dVerse, and inspired by an age old conflict that’s highlighted in LGBT History Month. 

In Sweden we use the acronym HBTQ which stands for Homosexuals, Bisexuals, Transgender and Queer.


Image Source

Brighter than the Moon
Sharp November night noon

The skies roll and rumble
Like Mjölnir thrown in full tumble

As the Goddess chariot descend
To bless a woman ready to ascend
Prepare her for all she’ll trandencend

Color, sex, gender
Weather a woman can
Command, govern and defend

Armour her to break the glass ceiling
Love so she remembers she’s a person with real feelings
Accompany her in this new world story
Be a fast friend in this uncharted territory

Follow the light of the rising star
Guided by science not the conspiratorial bizarre

Flash of insight
Soul-searing bright
Real change comes with grassroot might

As evolution and backward-looking Luddites collide
Future illuminated by the light of a Bolide


This poem was inspired by the apparent Bolide over Sweden yesterday evening, and by everything I felt and thought as I, with tears streaming down my face, saw Kamala Harris’ speech.

As We Grew

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

As we grew
Quietly cue by cue
Searching for any clue
That girls equal boys is true
We start to see the real view
No balance, reality askew
Girls pushed to the end of the queue
Made to believe their own subservience should rule
That their own worth hangs on who
Chooses them to woo

Girls, I want you to see the world anew
Imagine what you could do
If you heartfelt knew
Inner wisdom value
Female strength virtue
True love you


Every shade but white

Tim Green from Bradford [CC BY 2.0]

From tan to brown, to black and back again
Every shade but white
You say we’re worth different, due to sight?
I can’t possibly have heard you right?
There are NO human races
Just different phenotypes
No master people, to rule us all
Just insatiable power hungry ego blight
Don’t take the bite
Use your heart, not sight
Shine a revealing light
Give compassion, not spite
Systematic injustice fight
Because in the end
When we go to that long night
Beneath the skin
We’re all alike


Written for Poetics: Black History Month at dVerse.

As you know by now, I like to make my pieces musical or with a beat. So this time I really tried to write something made for reading out loud.

The nerve to do so in front of others, is a long way off, but I have started to play with the idea of recording readings. Even though hearing/seeing yourself on tape can be a truly cringe worthy experience. :-)

Lot in Life

Life is not easy for most of homo sapiens sapiens. That’s one of the reasons to show compassion for your fellow human.

Still in both happiness and despair there is degrees.

Where in the bell curve of what we call normal did you get born?
What life choices were made for you by nature herself while you lay gestating in the womb.

Are you a cis-straight male or female? You probably are, most are.
On the other hand, they might not be the audience for this.
So who knows?


If you belong to the set of cis-straight males and females, your life might still end up pure hell. But it will never do so because you want to live life like your true authentic self.

Bisexual, polyamorous, homosexual, transsexual, asexual, intersexual, pansexual, polysexual, dominant, submissive…

As you can see, I can never make a whole list.

But all freaks and queers are included.

Consenting adults are free to live and love! At least in truth if not reality.

In reality everyone not within the bounds of normalcy, get to fight their whole life for the right to live as who they are.

That’s my destiny.

What’s yours?


Time to work, werk, work.
If you want your dreams to come true, you have to work for it girl.
Pick yourself up once more. With feeling this time.
If you let all the times people have struck you down, keep you down,
then you´ve lost and they won.

We´re not going to let them win? Are we girl?
Are you picking yourself up by your bootstraps?
Linking arms with the woman next to you.
Standing proud and tall together.

Demanding our rights to live, to be all versions of ourselves, all versions of womanhood.
Demanding the right to breathe freely, to learn freely, to think freely, to act freely, to love freely.
Demanding our total right to all choices concerning our own bodies.

We’re not just half the world’s population.
Women are the physical embodiment of the awesome force of nature.
Sheltering, nurturing, bringing forth new generations of human life.

Time to work. Time to stand up. Time to raise our voices.

Long past overdue to grab hold of and demand all our rights!

Will you stand beside me?



This was one of the first things I wrote after coming out of my long years of humongous writers block. I wrote it to get some frustration out. But also as a rallying call to myself, and hopefully, others.
Someone called it a manifesto, and maybe it could be blueprint to one. It could also be seen as a Soliloquy.

Also posted to Pantry of Poetry and Prose, 2 at Poets United.
And OpenLinkNight #258 at dVerse.

First draft written 20 May 2019.

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