Walking up to you


Walking up to you
A private spotlight
An audience of one
Curious of me
Demanding honesty
Both good now and ugly past
Not polished social media life
The spotlight is not a mirror
But a doorway to private rooms
Excluding the rest of the world

Hands meet, fingers intertwining
Skin contact ignites the spark
Wanting a kiss, lips tingle
Two souls connect, passion flares
Hands explore curves and zones
Stripping away layers
Until skin touches only skin
Kissing, licking, nibbling, sucking
Pleasure given and shared

Every sensation heightened by mutual awareness
Breath deepens, heartbeat races
Waves start to build and roll
Velocity and intensity increases
Wave cresting, climax shared
Orgasm takes hold
You spend yourself as I buck and tremble


© RedCat

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First published Friday 6th September 2019.
Re-published Saturday 1 February 2020.

On a thick rug – reworked

On a thick rug in front of a fire
Eyes shine with passions wildfire
Eager finger peel of the others attire
Two bodies move in shared desire

Breath hot against each others skin
Lips tasting the flaming lust within
Hearts racing as heads spin
Two minds intent on what was once called sin

Love blessed with Aphrodite’s graces
Hands seems to leave fiery traces
Knowing all the secret wildly orgasmic places
Two satisfied glowing enraptured faces

Kundalini flowing up their backs
Intertwined in pleasure they climax
Shining like radiant stars of the Zodiac
Two spent souls in afterglow relax


I decided to rework an old piece. To fill it out, give it more life.

If you want to compare, you’ll find the first version here.

Photo by Jenna Hamra from Pexels

Close Couplets

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Green-blue eyes
Gaze bore

Libido rise
Passion pour

Kissing sighs
Touch more

Breath ties
Heartbeat for

Between thighs
Feeling your

Full size
I’ll be sore

Erotic highs
On the floor

Both cries
My orgasm brings yours


Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

Saturday dreams

A hand to hold
Arms to relax in

Eyes to fall for
Gaze to bask in

Awoken passion felt
Trilling through my blood

Caress for eons of moons
Sweet surrender of touch

Endless breathless kisses
Fiery traces of lips along my skin

Bliss on wave after wave of erupting climax
Rose-tinted afterglow snuggled close


On a thick rug

On a thick rug in front of a fire
Two bodies move in shared desire
Breath hot against each others skin
Two minds intent on what was once sin
Hands seems to leave fiery traces
Two sets of glowing enraptured faces
United in pleasure they attain climax
Two spent souls into afterglow relax



Foto: Jonas Norén

Your fingers from the nape of my neck down the spine
Your hands up my sides to cup and pinch
Your mouth on my skin to kiss and nibble
Breath catches
Your body close to mine, rubbing and teasing
Heart races
Your eyes on mine to see my wanting and desire
Lustful eyes
Your cock enter slowly, deeply, staying
Back arches
Your grip hold my hips as you start to move
Kundalini awakens
Your pace increases, slamming hard and fast
Your coming triggers mine, waves upon waves crest
Reality fades


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