Zitti e buoni by Måneskin – Saturday Song

Zitti e buoni by Måneskin

Decided earlier today that tonight there could only be one song. Whoever won the Eurovision Song Contest. Whatever I thought of it. And however late it got. 

The show started at 9 pm and usually runs late. Surprisingly, or maybe not with my night owl genes, my nine year old managed to stay awake until the end at 12:45 am. 

So here you have Italy’s “Zitti e buoni” with Måneskin (Moonshine in Danish). The title means “Shut up and be quiet”. You can read an english translation of the lyrics at wiwibloggs.


Zitti e buoni by Måneskin

Voices by Tusse – Sunday Song

Voices by Tusse

So yesterday evening was all about the final in the Swedish Eurovision tryouts. Not really my kind of music, but the kids really love it. So I promised to make the winning song this weeks song.

Hope you enjoy!

Can’t stop us now, forget the haters
Get up and live and make it matter
There’s more to life so go ahead and sing it out
Can you hear a million voices
Calling out in the rain?
You know we got a million choices
So go get out and let it rain

From Voices by Tusse
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Pure Kitsch – Flash Fiction

Unknown authorUnknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

You can’t base it on the number sixty nine, that’s pure kitsch.
You are a raging bitch for trying to bewitch with a piece rich with sexuality.

I laugh so hard I get a stitch. Then say.
I’m a witch, my words, your dreams and fantasies enrich.
Strange, weird and twisted my niche.

Your choice is which you prefer? Campy fun, or gray squares?
I wonder what you’ll ditch.


Creator/Contributor: Dielman, F. (Frederick), 1847-1935 (artist); L. Prang & Co. (publisher), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Written for Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt. And inspired by the Swedish tryouts for the Eurovision Song Contest, called The Melody Festival. And that’s not ONE competition, but for the last two decades a season of six competitions.

Which is as kitsch as it gets!

Maria Innocentia Hummel, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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