Inglenook Dreams – 14 December

Days she’s a translucent idea
Displaying the required galleria
Stuck in this confined woman form
Laced tight in society’s norms
As the fire turns to embers
The quiet girl no one remembers
Cosy up in the inglenook
To write forbidden poems in her book


Written for tonight’s dVerse prompt Quadrille #118: In the Inglenook. A lovely word, I seldom get to use. And a thing I always wish my house would have.


Saturday Longing

© RedCat

Dreaming of when our gazes finally meet

Hoping for that instant spark that go soul deep

Imagining how we’ll make the others heart leap

Chancing we’ll both honesty and trust keep

Fantasising about when hands feel skins heat

Wishing to be close enough to hear each other’s heart beat

Dreaming of nights shared naughty and sweet


Sometimes dreams are best kept private, sometimes they are best shared. Expressed, formulated, viewed.

Sweet Dreams! ❤️

© RedCat

Let’s be Silly

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The world is crying out
for levity and light
for laughter and hugs

So, let’s be silly
you and I
reaffirm our inner child

There’s still love and light in the world
still fantasy, magic, wonder and exploration
still hope for future happy days


Posted as response to Lighten up a bit! a dVerse, where today’s Quadrille word is “Silly”.

Have filled myself with joy and energy with dancing jive tonight.
Always puts a big smile on my face.

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Governess to the Dwarfs

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The train stopped. It was just a platform in the woods. A windbreak for shelter.

A stout farm wife, saw me.
”Ye look lost. Don’t know ye. Where’s ye going?”
“I’m the new governess at the manor.” I said with pride.
“Wa’manor?” she says, looking puzzled.
“No gentlefolk hereabouts.”

I brought the crested and wax sealed letter out of my pocket.
Instantly, blood drained from her face. She backed away, hustling her family to leave.

No one waited for me. No one left and no one come on the bare platform. For hours.

Just as I thought I’d sleep in the windbreaker. Lights appeared. Lanterns and a man, no taller than a schoolboy, dressed in a dashing steward livery. Who courteously apologized for his late arrival. Carried a food basket. Took me to a crested carriage.

That’s how I became governess to the dwarfs.

© RedCat

I’m currently reading a book of folklore from Britain and Ireland, so I tried to get the same otherworldly feel in this piece as in the tales I’m reading.

Written for Prosery – dVerse’s flash fiction prompt. dVerse is the poetry pub, but once a month we have some fun with  prose. For this prompt, we’re asked to write a piece of flash fiction in 144 words or less, including a quotation from a poem.

This week’s quotation is: 
No one left and no one came on the bare platform.
The lines are lifted from Adelstrop by Edward Thomas.

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Wishing Well


 In my minds eye, Granny sang one of the old songs.

“In the wishing well the norns can tell, who destiny’s weave will compel. Who will wander obscure. Who will shine like a lure. Who will bend human minds, who will hearts spellbind. You might have a wish in mind, but it’s the soul need kind, the wisher will find.”

”Be careful of your intent if you ever wish in a well.”

Never wished much in wells as you might guess. Not even mundane ones. For that kind of heartfelt wishing generate oodles of psychic energy.

Now I have to!

© RedCat

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