Prayer for awakening

Call upon whatever power you desire
Divine or human higher self to suit your taste
Go at it with heart, mind, soul
Hope, work, pray
For humanity to unite
Evolve beyond ego
Merge into a planet-wide tribe of caring individuals
Remember the wisdom
All that which makes us unique, special
Are that which unites us
We are all different, but the same
All wholly unique and one part of a long continuum
No person alone can save us all
Together we can save ourselves


Written for Sheery’s prompt at Imaginary garden with real Toads ~ WORDY FRIDAY WITH WILD WOMAN: STAYING STRONG IN A WORLD OF CLIMATE CRISIS.

I’ve written quite a few pieces all-ready about the environmental disaster we’re facing, and not showing much hope, so thanks for making me go in a more hopeful direction.

Will we awake?
Fire and Ice
Future Forgiveness

Will we awake?

Humankind is in denial…
When rain turned to acid,
we didn’t stop polluting.
Neither when rivers turned to poisonous foam.
Plastic trash are everywhere,
though research told us long ago,
that nature can’t break down plastics. 
So now sea creatures eat plastic,
and beaches are sand mixed micro-plastics.

People hold funerals and put up plaques for dead glaciers,
still we increase our use of fossil fuels,
ever increasing global warming.
Weather patterns is turning chaotic, extreme,
yet we still debate human impact, while;
the polar caps melt, bush burns, drought last for years,
and big storm system drench more than ever before.

When children go on strike to get grown-ups to listen,
many belittle them instead of change behavior. 

Will we awake before;
The caps have melted.
Low lying or poorly drained land is submerged due to rising sea levels.
The deserts of the world grows ever bigger, drier, more unlivable.
Fresh water is scarce.
Crops grow badly due to changed growth zones,
few pollinators, and depleted, poisoned soil. 
Massive unfightable fires rage across huge swathes of continents.

Human starve,  and thirst.
Flee unlivable lands.
Fights war over arable land and drinkable water.

Build humongous walls to keep the rightly coloured, rich people in.
Deadly no man’s land.
Even bigger, industrialized countries of refugee camps,
where the wrongly colored poor,
live their life in concentration camp horror.
Where Death become a blessing.


Written for Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Awakening.
I know I’ve written about this before, but I think it’s to important an issue, so it will keep coming up in my writing.

Fire and Ice

Wiki commons

In the last weeks of fall, as the North bundles up
for the first snows of winter.

Australia and California clear brush and dig firebreaks,
brace for the start of fire season.

Two versions of Hell on Earth. Both the fiery Christian version, and the frozen halls of Hel, dreaded by even the toughest viking.

Wiki commons

This is the future, when Gaia heats up, due to human interference.
All weather patterns will have worse extreme points.
Where it is hot an dry, it will get hotter an dryer, interceded by wet delunges. Where it’s cold, it might get balmier for a while, but then either the polar vortex will weaken and the weather get wacc-y or the Gulf-stream will shift due to the polar ice cap melting. And the North hemisphere will have The Clan of the Cave Bear conditions.

I wrote this while seeing the first flakes of snow outside my window, as I read and watched images of the apocalyptic fires.
Also posted to Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Winter

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