WikiGap – Let’s close the internet gender gap

Tonight not a poem or flash fiction from me. Instead I’ll share another form of writing challenge with you all!

Since 2018 I’ve been involved in a project called #WikiGap. The project aims at getting more WOMEN and HBTQIA people to participate in writing and editing Wikipedia articles.

#WikiGap invites broad and diverse participation, and allows for local adaptations to the overall theme of closing the gender gap and other gaps relevant for diversity on Wikipedia.


So go to your language version of Wikipedia and look for persons relevant to an encyclopedia.
If you can’t find an article – write one!
Especially if the person has articles in other language versions.

The bar for being considered relevant differs from each language version, so be sure to read your own.

And if you don’t know how to register, edit or write new articles. Leave a comment or email me and I will help you find tutorials or other sources on how to write on wikipedia.

Have a good night all!

The Academy for Wayward Free Spirited Girls

From a young age I was taught to hide my inquisitive and curious mind. To talk less and smile more. To play the demure woman.
From the same age I was scolded daily for failing. Questions fell out of my mouth at the drop of a hat. I gainsaid adults if they were wrong. I read every book that crossed my path.
Even before my debut into polite society my parents despaired of my chances of finding a husband.

They were right. None of the old families could ever accept such an unconventional girl. So I got dubbed a spinster at sixteen. Relegated to keeping house for my family.

I was bored out of my mind. My only solace the poetry I wrote at night in the inglenook. I started to think about suicide. That would fit a hysterical woman. Wouldn’t it?

As I walked the cemetery deep in thoughts of death. I stumbled upon an old Lady.
She looked me over. Then said.
– Dying is easy young one. Living is harder. Come with me and I’ll show you another way!

I hesitated. Then thought. What do I have to lose?
I followed her to an overgrown mansion at the edge of town. 

There she introduced me to her wards. All girls and women. All behaving contrary to the proscribed rules. The old Lady smiled.
– I’m always looking for a mind at work. For girls who won’t be quiet. Who questions the rules. Who think for themselves.

I just stared in amazement. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Of course I wanted to come.
My father was reluctant, but the old Lady’s power of persuasion was the wiliest I’ve ever seen.

So I took my place at the Academy for Wayward Free Spirited Girls.
Given free rein to think and feel, I realized I never wanted a man at all. I wanted only the soft touch of a woman. The old Lady smiled and nodded.
– I knew you were one of us!
– But it’s a sin! I blurted blushing.

She laughs a full-throated unashamed laugh.
– Love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints.

History however has its eyes on us.
Waiting for us to change the world.


I was a bit surprised when I realized my muse had decided upon another visit to the inglenook. This time we got the backstory.  

The first time she showed up with her forbidden poems was in Inglenook Dreams, then a Gothic Christmas Carol, and Submissive Embrace.

Written for Weekly Scribblings #59: Wait For It over at Poets and Storytellers United.
For this week’s prompt, we have five lines from the musical Hamilton to inspire our writing:

“I’m looking for a mind at work.”

“History has its eyes on you.”

“Talk less. Smile more.”

“Dying is easy, young man. Living is harder.”

“Love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints.”

We don’t have to use the exact wording, which I haven’t. I have however incorporated ALL of them in my 369 word long story. 

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Submissive Embrace – A Quadrille

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

My dreams are filled with your touching
Soft gentle caresses and sharp stinging
Every stroke keeps my body singing

I long for your cuff’s embrace
Keeping me bound in place
Smile of bliss on my lips
As I feel the bite of the whip


Written for Quadrille 121: Let’s Embrace at dVerse. It’s a poem of 44 words, excluding the title. It can be in any form, rhymed or unrhymed, metered, or unmetered. You must use the word “embrace” or some form of the word in your poem (not simply the title).

Since it is LGTB history month (in the UK). I went back to the forbidden poetry of the inglenook.

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Among the Amazon’s – A Rondeau

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

Among the Amazon’s live free
Not caring how man woman sees
Free to be as our soul hearts say
Free to love whomever you may
Free to let dreams life’s path decree
Among the Amazon’s

No war or strife all genders free
No world drawn by a single me
All love safe in this land’s hands lay
Among the Amazon’s

Honestly caring is the key
No love punished by death decree
Nor bi, trans, queer, poly and gay
Can’t wait for that bright rainbow day
When true heart’s can live and love free
Among the Amazon’s


Been wanting to write a Rondeau for some time now. And thinking of the opening lines prompt last week I know it’s because I haven’t found the right opening line for refrain.

Written for Poetics – War Poetry over at dVerse, and inspired by an age old conflict that’s highlighted in LGBT History Month. 

In Sweden we use the acronym HBTQ which stands for Homosexuals, Bisexuals, Transgender and Queer.

Lot in Life

Life is not easy for most of homo sapiens sapiens. That’s one of the reasons to show compassion for your fellow human.

Still in both happiness and despair there is degrees.

Where in the bell curve of what we call normal did you get born?
What life choices were made for you by nature herself while you lay gestating in the womb.

Are you a cis-straight male or female? You probably are, most are.
On the other hand, they might not be the audience for this.
So who knows?


If you belong to the set of cis-straight males and females, your life might still end up pure hell. But it will never do so because you want to live life like your true authentic self.

Bisexual, polyamorous, homosexual, transsexual, asexual, intersexual, pansexual, polysexual, dominant, submissive…

As you can see, I can never make a whole list.

But all freaks and queers are included.

Consenting adults are free to live and love! At least in truth if not reality.

In reality everyone not within the bounds of normalcy, get to fight their whole life for the right to live as who they are.

That’s my destiny.

What’s yours?


Time to work, werk, work.
If you want your dreams to come true, you have to work for it girl.
Pick yourself up once more. With feeling this time.
If you let all the times people have struck you down, keep you down,
then you´ve lost and they won.

We´re not going to let them win? Are we girl?
Are you picking yourself up by your bootstraps?
Linking arms with the woman next to you.
Standing proud and tall together.

Demanding our rights to live, to be all versions of ourselves, all versions of womanhood.
Demanding the right to breathe freely, to learn freely, to think freely, to act freely, to love freely.
Demanding our total right to all choices concerning our own bodies.

We’re not just half the world’s population.
Women are the physical embodiment of the awesome force of nature.
Sheltering, nurturing, bringing forth new generations of human life.

Time to work. Time to stand up. Time to raise our voices.

Long past overdue to grab hold of and demand all our rights!

Will you stand beside me?



This was one of the first things I wrote after coming out of my long years of humongous writers block. I wrote it to get some frustration out. But also as a rallying call to myself, and hopefully, others.
Someone called it a manifesto, and maybe it could be blueprint to one. It could also be seen as a Soliloquy.

Also posted to Pantry of Poetry and Prose, 2 at Poets United.
And OpenLinkNight #258 at dVerse.

First draft written 20 May 2019.

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