Bright Insight – Hay(na)ku

Photo by Luck Galindo from Pexels

Burning bright
Lighting soul’s night

Revealing light
Awakens true sight

Souls night
Reveal spirit’s might

Silver moonlight
Spirit shines bright

Illuminating birthright
Awakens soul’s delight


Staring out a Windowpane

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

She stared out the windowpane.
The garden looked the same.
No help to an pandemic frame.

To witness the historic now.
While searching for how
To relieve suffering somehow.

Her reverie disturbed.
Flutter of wings is heard.
A landing blackbird.

In its birds eye gaze.
Reflection show all the ways.
Loving compassion leads out of this maze.

So she starts to write.
What she saw with her inner sight.
As she meditated on this long dark human night.

That every human need to reflect.
On everyone’s worth and need to love connect.
To responsibility for planet and all humans accept.


Inspired by the Friday Fictioneer photo, and my meditation found mantra from earlier today.

A prose poem story in 100 words.

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Finding hope

This weeks eartweal prompt had to do with finding hope. And even though my mind keeps spinning around the subject in all its forms, nothing coalesce and really takes shape. More work required obviously, not only on the poetry, but on my inner ability to feel hope.

To distract myself I searched for hope in my previous poetry and found some insights.
Hope is a recurring theme of mine, I’ve even written a hopeful mantra. And judging by the comments others find hope in my pieces. 

If I’m honest, some days I feel in desperate need of the smallest spark of hope, so I put hope in my poetry precisely because that is one of the things I seek.

By now, I’m meditating and doing breath-work on a level I never have before. It’s rough, as meditation have always been for me. I’ve cried rivers every day. And one thing have become abundantly clear. The old inner safe place I actually once had is in total ruin. I have no access anymore, it’s like I’m looking at reproduction in a display cabinet in a museum.

I’m sure I’ll be able to build another in time. But for now all my hope comes from writing my heart out, connecting through poetry, and continued meditation.

Breathe deep, Breathe slow

Close your eyes
Breathe deep
Breathe slow
Go to that wholly safe inner place

Relax there
Breathe deep
Breathe slow
Remain safe and secure in your sanctum
There are moments between breaths
There are moments between heart-beats

Steady yourself
Breathe deep
Breathe slow
Size the moments betwixt and between
Attune yourself to that innermost voice
That force of true self

Be present
Breathe deep
Breathe slow
Discover your inner light
The divine spirit.
Guiding inborn radiance

Bask in sunlight
Breathe deep
Breathe slow
Release all your pain, suffering, struggle
Find solace in compassionate safety

Be safe
Breathe deep
Breathe slow
Fortify yourself for the journey ahead
Ground yourself in wisdom and faith
Know your inner worth, strength, love, kindness

Be you
Breathe deep
Breathe slow
Make your peace with the ego-materialistic modern society
Realize, living your true self will be seen
as the most dangerous thoughts of all


I’ve written before about my current depression, and my fight to get real help. The machine of Swedish mental healthcare are, let’s say glacial, in it’s pace, and tend to favour pills over therapy.

Even so, while pondering which approach to therapy they might grant me. They asked if I’d participate in group Compassion-focused therapy (CFT). And I said yes, so now I’ll do eight weeks of CFT. So far, beyond trying to explain our emotion regulation systems, it’s mostly been light meditation and breath work. Which stand as inspiration for this piece.

I’ll be back to the subject of compassion and CFT later.

This weeks earthweal prompt has to do with finding hope. And even though my mind keeps spinning around the subject in all its forms, nothing coalesce and really takes shape. More work required obviously.
So instead I wrote about what helps me feel hope right now, which is meditation and breath-work.

Also posted to Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge–February 18, 2020.

After the rain

After the Rain by Cyril Rolando

A walk in the clearing morning sun
To a site where recorded history begun
Grounded by what man once sown
I feel hope at the new dawn
The light have a new quality
Some things are now impossible to not see
An century old stone bridge in the sun gives rest
When the gravity of everything puts me to the test
Tears start to fall
Is it the rejection of it all
Did I expect or want more
Even though I said differently before
Sun in my eye and warm on closed lids
I examine if there are feelings hid
Sorrow wells in a pyroclastic flow
Scalding tears in it’s tow
Two things abruptly clears
Reasons for all these tears
First I’d had managed to fool myself
Feeling safe is not a need put on a shelf
Second something I didn’t know
A loss that leads to all this woe
I have forgotten how it feels
To know a chance of love for me is real
Aphrodite stayed true to her way
When she sent a messenger won’t stay
He were only ever a loan
To get a seed of hope in me sown
Reignite a heart forsaken
In a dream where nothing is forcibly taken
Every pleasure freely given
Actions by care and empathy driven
Words spoken with an honest tongue
Sharing feelings without fear of getting stung
To finally experience mutual trust
A frozen libido thaws releases lust
Thank the Goddess for this boon
Living fantasy beneath the sun and moon
A day spent in his embrace
Fortify me for what I have to face
When our dream fade I’m no longer dwindled
My being shot through with passions rekindled
All of that… and Insights given
He went back to the life he was living


I took one look at the prompt picture and went straight to my library of note books. There was one poem I started this summer, but never finished… And Cyril Rolando’s beautiful artwork immediately put me in a space to work on it again.


I’m in a debt of gratitude to Sunday Muse and Cyril Rolando for the inspiration to finish this.
Also posted to Poets United Pantry of Poetry and Prose #5

Musical inspiration while writing came from a new EP by Au5.

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