Night Walks – 6 December (2019 Re-post)

Raad Van Kerken, Amsterdam

Inspired by Charles Dickens

Some nights are special
The magic lantern is lit
Walking the streets and boroughs
Takes an otherworldly turn
Nightlife eddies and flows
Bright lights shine
Deep shadows rule
Travellers, revellers
Societies invisibles
In the diffuse glow of the lantern
The human worlds most shadowy existences gleam


I’m an avid walker and like long rambles trough cities, towns and all manner of nature. For years I had the habit of “getting lost” on purpose. Meaning take as many new and unknown turn as possible towards a known goal. This has lead to many lovely walks, discoveries and inspiration. So I do it as often as I can.

I tend to be a bit like that when reading on the web. The other day I read an article about Charles Dickens and the emergence of modern Christmas celebrations in Britain and elsewhere. I found an exhibit in London to visit, read more about Dickens and his Christmases. And about his habit for rambling night walks. There I found my inspiration in an essay called Night Walks, “based on his moonlit rambles through the capital’s streets”.

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Friendship – Hay(na)ku

Photo by P C on

Not asleep
Company you keep

Worry sharing
Hand hold caring

Strong pillar
Repels depressive killer

Honest, straight
Restoring lost faith

Big, small
Trauma scarred all

Freely given
True heart living

Fortifying presence
Find my essence

Along way
Even when astray

To be
Realize all me


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Build a New Start

Photo by Alex Montes on

Worry swirling, keeping awake
Fear and disease, dreams take

Heart beat, draw breath
How many, until I face death

Soul cries, blood flows
Act now! The world never slows

Live true, free spirit
Loving kindness, universal true merit

Fierce mind, brave heart
Embrace change, build a new start


Inspired by a sleepless night, and Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge.

The last weeks I’ve been struggling with if it’s right to write in a time like this. After much thought and meditation on the subject. Instead I decided to trow myself into writing and sharing. Poetry, my meditation and compassion mind training journey, some prose, and small things that put a smile on my face or brightens the day.

Night ridden by the mare


Night ridden by the Mare
Visions of death and despair

Cloying smells from dying flesh
Cries of agony and sorrow mesh

Desperate shattering choices
Despair in thousands of voices

Endless stream of new cases, severe consequences
Nothing newer than medieval defenses

When will the wind spread laughter?
What will the world look like after?


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From Wikipedia:

Mare (Old EnglishmæreOld Dutchmaremara in Old High German and Old Norse) is a malicious entity in Germanic and Slavic folklore that rides on people’s chests while they sleep, bringing on bad dreams (or “nightmares“)

Finding hope

This weeks eartweal prompt had to do with finding hope. And even though my mind keeps spinning around the subject in all its forms, nothing coalesce and really takes shape. More work required obviously, not only on the poetry, but on my inner ability to feel hope.

To distract myself I searched for hope in my previous poetry and found some insights.
Hope is a recurring theme of mine, I’ve even written a hopeful mantra. And judging by the comments others find hope in my pieces. 

If I’m honest, some days I feel in desperate need of the smallest spark of hope, so I put hope in my poetry precisely because that is one of the things I seek.

By now, I’m meditating and doing breath-work on a level I never have before. It’s rough, as meditation have always been for me. I’ve cried rivers every day. And one thing have become abundantly clear. The old inner safe place I actually once had is in total ruin. I have no access anymore, it’s like I’m looking at reproduction in a display cabinet in a museum.

I’m sure I’ll be able to build another in time. But for now all my hope comes from writing my heart out, connecting through poetry, and continued meditation.

Breathe deep, Breathe slow

Close your eyes
Breathe deep
Breathe slow
Go to that wholly safe inner place

Relax there
Breathe deep
Breathe slow
Remain safe and secure in your sanctum
There are moments between breaths
There are moments between heart-beats

Steady yourself
Breathe deep
Breathe slow
Size the moments betwixt and between
Attune yourself to that innermost voice
That force of true self

Be present
Breathe deep
Breathe slow
Discover your inner light
The divine spirit.
Guiding inborn radiance

Bask in sunlight
Breathe deep
Breathe slow
Release all your pain, suffering, struggle
Find solace in compassionate safety

Be safe
Breathe deep
Breathe slow
Fortify yourself for the journey ahead
Ground yourself in wisdom and faith
Know your inner worth, strength, love, kindness

Be you
Breathe deep
Breathe slow
Make your peace with the ego-materialistic modern society
Realize, living your true self will be seen
as the most dangerous thoughts of all


I’ve written before about my current depression, and my fight to get real help. The machine of Swedish mental healthcare are, let’s say glacial, in it’s pace, and tend to favour pills over therapy.

Even so, while pondering which approach to therapy they might grant me. They asked if I’d participate in group Compassion-focused therapy (CFT). And I said yes, so now I’ll do eight weeks of CFT. So far, beyond trying to explain our emotion regulation systems, it’s mostly been light meditation and breath work. Which stand as inspiration for this piece.

I’ll be back to the subject of compassion and CFT later.

This weeks earthweal prompt has to do with finding hope. And even though my mind keeps spinning around the subject in all its forms, nothing coalesce and really takes shape. More work required obviously.
So instead I wrote about what helps me feel hope right now, which is meditation and breath-work.

Also posted to Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge–February 18, 2020.

Sparkle of friendly pixy-light

Bruce Guenter from Saskatoon, SK, Canada [CC BY 2.0)]

Staring down the barrel
Of another sleepless night
What demons to battle
Which phantasm to fight

Where the thorny bramble
Trauma skeleton in all the blight
Broken dream remnants crumble
Soul-mind bathed in abusive light

Staring down the dark tunnel
Of another endless winter-night
Battered life energy dwindle
Really dark here without a sparkle of friendly pixy-light 


Also posted to OpenLinkNight #259 at dVerse.


Getting a good night sleep is one of those things that you hear doctors talk about all the time. But none of them actually takes the time to tell you why…


As I’ve mentioned I’ve been sleeping really poorly lately. So I thought I’d remind my mind why we both need our rest.

I do wonder how – “you can train yourself to fall asleep faster and without the need of tools”???

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