Sounds Of Spring

Evening sky over Stockholm

The sounds of spring
makes me dance and sing
such a lovely thing
the sweet song of spring

The air turns warm
after winter storms
you our love affirm
with your smile so warm

The fields are green
the bright flowers gleam
will you be my queen
in the summer green

Love fills my heart
as the swallows dart
as cold winds depart
Your love fills my heart

The moon shines bright
in the pale blue night
in your eyes so bright
let us kiss tonight


Written for Meet the bar waltzing at dVerse. Have been humming waltz rhythms since yesterday. This is written to be sung to the count of three even if the first lines in each stanza have 4 syllables and the rest 5 syllables. It’s all a matter of how a word is sung.

The Sweetest Wine – A Quadrille

Your lips taste like the sweetest wine
Your body curves like a sensuous vine
Your eyes with lust filled mischievousness shine

The world disappears when my eyes meet thine
For your love I knelt at Aphrodite’s shrine
I’m over the moon ecstatic that you’re mine


Written for tonight’s Quadrille prompt at dVerse. A Quadrille is a 44 word (not including title) poem that must contain the prompt word, which tonight is wine.

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Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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