Daily Haibun, August 3rd – Nervous energy

I’m fully of nervous energy. Running around in circles, but getting nowhere and getting nothing done. Started a gazillion things but finished nothing but the absolutely necessary like cooking. The rest have been left unfinished. Including the writing I was planning to do.

Days like this I have to practice being kind to myself. Instead of being hard and mean to myself. Accept it’s one of those days. That I can start again tomorrow. Tell myself that if reading is all I can concentrate on, then at least I can focus on one thing that is rewarding and educating.

Circling like a moth

Around again and again

Fear loving the flame

© RedCat

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Hiding in Darkness

Backing away from life
Hiding in trembling fright
In fear of meeting any strife
Hiding in darkness, afraid of the light

Once she was curios and free
Convinced of her dreams might
Now she’s brought to her knees
Hiding in darkness, afraid of the light

Beaten until she sought the dark
Hiding her bruises from sight
Convinced she’s forever marked
Hiding in darkness, afraid of the light

Feeling like she’ll never be able to cope
Like life will always be a fight
Search in vain for that speck of hope
Hiding in darkness, afraid of the light

To conquer a life lived in fear
She needs to a new way write
Allowing the flow of liberating tears
Leaving the darkness, going towards the light

Will you meet her with friendly hands and face
Guiding eyes dimmed with perpetual night
Lending her some of your steadfast grace
As she’s
Leaving the darkness, going towards the light


Written for every abused person in the world. To show there is possible to go from darkness to light. To leave abuse and have another free life.

Inspired by the photo prompt at The Sunday Muse.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Valborg 2020

Public domain

This year, only the weather is as it use to be. So instead of a big fire, a walk in the twilight woods, listening to birds singing.

Content in the knowledge that I managed to achieve a goal, even if depression still rules my life. I’ve written 30 poems in 30 days during GloPoWriMo. Even though I published a bit less other pieces I’ve still managed to write way more this month than I have before.

Going forward I will set up time to rest and not write unless inspiration strikes, but will keep pushing myself to write something all other days, to keep chipping away at those ten thousand hours you need.

I see no way the world can just resume as it was, and anyhow my world where already going trough seismic changes, so I’m grateful for this push to restart positively with a months writing challenge, building my confidence, that maybe I can do this. Instead of sinking deep in all the misery around.

May you be happy!

May you be healthy!

May you be inspired!

May you be safe!

May you be at peace!

Loving Kindness Meditation
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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