March Morning Meditation

© RedCat

Morning dawns

Frost covering the lawns

Ten below zero

Radiating fairy glow

Cold and clear

No hint spring is near

Soon there’s a haze

Icy cold air rising

Lifted by the sun’s rays

Winter vaporising

Gentle touch on skin

Warmth starts to seep in

Giving cause

To slow down and pause

Halt the morning commute

Let deep breaths inner landscape transmute

Calms and quiets the angry anxious din

Roaring deep within

Giving peace and clarity of thought

Reducing the turmoil chaos wrought

Showing there’s no need to hesitate

Seek the benefits of taking a short moment to breathe and meditate

Changing the trajectory of morning and day

Allowing what the world throws at you to be handled in a more constructive conductive way

© RedCat

For the first time in ages I felt the drive to meditate. I’m grateful I did. Since it both started off my day in a better way, and sparked my creativity to write a short poem on my morning commute.

Oasis – A meditation poem

Focus on your breath
In and out
Attend that which is within
All that’s swirling inside
Not the hectic outside
Then try letting it all go

After a while you’ll find
The calm that’s an oasis
Not a deceptive mirage 


Written for this weekend’s writing prompt by Sammi Cox.

Photo credits:

Photo by Ravi Pinisetti on Unsplash

Photo by Cara Fuller on Unsplash

Life Ebb And Flow – A Quadrille

Life ebb and flow,
Always heading towards that frightening unknowable goal
It streams that way whether we flounder or soar
That is why, the wise ones say
Make the most out of every day
Because you never know
What hazards in the streambed lays


Photo by Landsil on Unsplash

Written for tonight’s Quadrille prompt at dVerse. That fun little form with just 44 words, with a given prompt word. Not including the title. Tonight the given word is stream.

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Daily Haibun, June 27th – Blue Sky, Pink Clouds

© RedCat

Just after ten at night. The sun is setting in a blue sky with wisp’s of clouds painted pink.

I’m seeking calm, inspiration and insights by looking at the sky. Listening to the birds singing. For a moment I feel the peace and joy you only find by slowing your breath. Being present in the moment.

In the pale blue sky
Moment stretches eternal
Soaring with birdsong

© RedCat

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Restless Body and Mind

Restless body and mind
Failing to restfulness find
Forever this anxious merry-go-round
Will peace and quiet ever be found


A short little piece to end the week. To express how it feels to live with a mind always going on maximum speed. That thinks on and evaluates everything from every possible, unlikely and down right impossible angle. That doesn’t slow down even when both body and mind are exhausted. It just gets more far fetched and scattered. 

Sometimes meditating works, often it doesn’t. Instead just cropping up new things to throw in the mix. Far from all thoughts are anxious, but when it spins that fast sooner or later stress and anxiety creeps in. 

Inspired by this week’s weekend writing prompt from Sammi Cox.

The Flame of Awareness

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The flame of awareness
Never wavers, never dims

Always there to guide us
Teach compassion, teach love’s no sin

Even bottled up it steers us
Sudden insights, intuition flashing

Drives us to learn lessons
Again and again

Dare to reach for that sacred flame
Passions revealed, life path gained

Honour the will to search within
Open space, draw breath in

Approach with love, tenderly
Let truth free you, let truth win


Written for this weeks prompt over at The Sunday Muse.

Ten steps – Then Calm

Ten steps
Then calm

Close your eyes
Feel yourself receiving and returning a loved one’s smile

Nine steps
Find peace

Stay in that space
Between heartbeats and breaths we our truth face

Eight steps
Weight lifts

In the present now
We can view all our hearts and souls know

Seven steps
Awaken love

Hidden down deep
Unconditional love, even if we a sea weep

Six steps
Mystics accept

Intuitive smarts
Everything is more than its individual parts

Five steps
Arrive home

Let compassion dawn
Whatever traumas you’ve undergone

Four steps
Adore imagination

Seek inspiration
Follow your passions for a stable life foundation

Three steps
Free mind

Inner critics disallow
Stand straight and survivor proud

Two steps
Renew energy

See your safe place
Sacred groove of wisdom embrace

One step

Whatever you’re feeling
Relax and recharge in the pool of healing

You’re here

Drawn by Goddess song
Back where you come from, back where you belong


Written very late for this weeks Sunday Muse.

Happiness is a Tender Flower


Happiness is a tender flower in our minds garden
Bright in the light of our awareness
Nurtured by living lovingly, passionately
Watered with sweat, tears and blood of mortal toil

Close your eyes
Smell the soil
The flower

Have you cared for you lately?

Photo by Thgusstavo Santana from Pexels

Written for todays Quadrille prompt over at dVerse, and for myself to write anything at all during NaNoWriMo.

I’m working on a Happiness project of my own so the prompt where unusually timely.

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