Under a Golden Harvest Moon – A Triple Prayer

Under a golden harvest moon
I give thanks for the Goddess boon
Cleansed by her mystical light
Has freed my heart’s desire to write
Enabled me to process what has been
Find the healing Goddess muse within
Explore the passion in my heart
Down a new life-path start

Under a golden harvest moon
Give thanks for the Goddess boons
Bathed in her magical light
Feel fortified and ready to fight
Discover her path to find your twin
The healing Goddess spark within
Explore the passions in your heart
Find your soul’s true art

Under a golden harvest moon
We give thanks for the Goddess boons
Blessed by her mystic light
We see our purpose in our inner sight
Gathered with our witch kin
Each shining with Goddess glow within
We feel faith in our hearts
As each on their quest starts


Yesterday the nearly full harvest moon shone bright in the deep blue sky. My evening walk turned into a meditation of sorts. Keeping her in my sight as much as possible. 

Lines of poetry started to run through my head. Spoken by my three witches. Resulting in this triple prayer. One for me, one for you, and one for everyone of us.

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First image: Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash
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Third image: Photo by Halanna Halila on Unsplash

December Moon – A prayer (2019 Re-post)

Photo by Joonas kääriäinen from Pexels

30th December 2020
Tonight’s the last full moon of 2020. The Wolf Moon. The Elder Moon. The Moon of long midwinter nights.

Re-posting a poem from last year. This one made it into my Book of Shadows! :-)

Long night moon, last light
before midwinter
Lend your shine
to the crown on the maiden
Guide her steps
as she seeks the shadow hidden self

Wolf moon, silver light
upon dark lands
Lend your clear sight
to the eyes of the mother
Guide her hands
as she steers her den and pups through winter

Elder moon, eternal light
keeper of mysteries
Lend your divine wisdom
to the heart of the crone
Guide her words
as she teaches the young and prepare to move on


Written for this years last full moon on December 12th.

Also posted to Pantry of Poetry and Prose #8 at Poets United.

Rolf Dietrich Brecher from Germany [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Solstice prayer – 21 December (2019 Re-post)

© RedCat

I burn this so it may die within me
Leaving fertile ashes
where new life-pattern can grow

I burn this to signify re-birth
To give the seeds sown space
and nourishment to grow

I burn this to signify my Will set
Writing my pain,
Finding peace
Dancing with soul
Showing passion
Self-loving in heart
Accepting philia


Written for the solstice ritual of 2019.

The unusual and artistic image below, made using a technique known as “solargraphy” in which a pinhole camera captures the movement of the Sun in the sky over many months, was taken from the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (APEX) telescope on the plateau of Chajnantor.
Read more on the linked source page.

Dancing Goddess Worship

Photo by Alexandra Minakova from Pexels

She slips off her shoes and socks
Puts on her favorite music
Forgetting time
Inhabiting another space
Allowing the beat to rule
Immersing in the melodic journey
Her motions joyous offerings
Bodily prayers of sweat and toil
Dancing Goddess worship
Dark depressive demons foil


It’s Quadrille #105: Cry Havoc and Let ‘SLIP’ the Dogs of War at dVerse.

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Photo by vishnudeep dixit from Pexels

May Sunday 2020

Photo by Bcny on Pexels.com

Puddle of Sunday calm
Gem of weekend charm
Dollop of soul felt balm
Light keep the lonely warm
Magic prayer within my palm
True essence life transform


Gave myself a long weekend of publishing, let the writing come on it’s own. Made some extra time and space to meditate. Grateful for a “normal” Sunday in unnormal times. And heading into the tenth week of social distancing, I really needed that. A hint of life going forward, not standing still, huddling. A hint of summer to come. A hint of normalcy.

Photo by Immortal Shots – Real Life on Pexels.com

Swirling Colors of my Mind

Photo by ahmed adly on Pexels.com

Empathy and vivid imagination
Currently leads to fear and trepidation
Chained to see every suffering situation

Death and sickness
Critical equipment shorness
Avalanche economic foreclosures

Swirling colors of my mind
Dark and horrible hues of every kind
Hoping a silver lining to find

Atom Bombs helping science
Hope behind resilience
Compassion during pestilence

Trust and vivid imagination
Now leads to bright grounding meditation
Comforted in divine love and wisdom given

Love and care
Learn and grow
Let true self show

Swirling colors of my mind
Dark shot trough by bright color of every kind
Trust love to care to love to find

Care for nature
Every living creature
Change human behaviour


This is a poem, a meditation, a prayer and a manifesto.

Inspired by recent meditations, the “Colors of my mind” prompt at GoDogGo, and the seventh GloPoWriMo prompt – to be inspired by a news article. I found this.

Whale sharks: Atomic tests solve age puzzle of world’s largest fish

A whale shark foraging for plankton
From the late 1940s, several nations including the US, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, France and China conducted atomic bomb tests in different locations.
One side effect of all these explosions was the doubling of an atom type, or isotope, called Carbon-14 in the atmosphere.
Over time, every living thing on the planet has absorbed this extra Carbon-14 which still persists.
The study indicated that these creatures do actually live an incredibly long time.
"The absolute longevity of these animals could be very, very old, possibly as much as 100-150 years old," said Dr Meekan.
Read the whole article here.
Photo by Ithalu Dominguez on Pexels.com

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Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanksgiving Day cometh different to us all.
Each according their own season.
Sometimes singing praise feels straight-forward,
sometimes the praise have to be a defiant trust,
that there is a future of hope, even though
it’s shrouded in mist, obscure, unknown.
To let us rest in the Hope of Grace.


Mind swirling, I should finish the poem I started earlier, from text that never got included in the prompts I participated in this week.
(After the rain, Life in words, Onyx darkness, Giant Hogweed, Longing, Ode to a Dancer and Monsters.)
But my mind won’t settle. Instead I contemplate Thanksgiving, run around preparing for this Sunday’s First of Advent – by hanging Advent stars and light around the house – and making lists for the marathon month to come. I’m also mentally preparing to be on stage in four dance-shows this weekend.

Saw a comment the other day about us not having Thanksgiving in Sweden.
I was brought up in the Swedish Protestant (meaning Lutheran) Church. Both because mother wanted it so. And because in the small town I grew up, singing – both as a soloist and in a choir – where done either in municipality or church management. I did both.
And I clearly remember one church holiday focused on thanksgiving.
So I wen’t googling…

Thanksgiving Day occurs on the second Sunday of October (between 8-14 October) for the purpose of giving thanks for the harvest and the bounty’s of the forests and fields. It falls when the seasons change, when there is no more hope of sustenance from farming or foraging until spring. And before Christmas when the last pigs on fattening gets slaughtered.
(On Christmas it’s all about hope, hope for the newborn baby, and hope that a clever farm-wife will stretch the winter stores until spring.)

Yes, I promise to one day explain how I can talk about things from both the Boomer and Silent generation perspective, while being from the last decade of generation X. :-)

Also posted to dVerse ~ OpenLinkNight #255

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