Imagine anew

Strawberry Fields in Central Park, NYC

There’s a choice!

That’s a fact!

Imagine a world
Where united humans strive together
Towards the common goal
Caring for each and every individual
Taking care of our home
Taking steps to clean up the chaos we made
Working towards a healthy planet and evolving humanity

Imagine a world where small factions make war
Commit genocide over scarce resources
Clean water, arable land
A world where whole nations are wiped off the map
Where continents worth of people
Flee a raging planet




Written for earthweal open link weekend #1.
Also a retake on a Real Toads prompt I felt I didn’t do justice, Imagine.
And which lends itself to so much inspiration.

The Imagine Peace Tower , Iceland

Witch Voices

Night Poured Over the Desert
Sheila Sund, Salem, United States [CC BY 2.0)]

We live in solitude, we three
Three for one and one for three
You will think us an apparition, you’ll see

Lives run by magic and moon
Moon and magic sees us identical to humdrum brain loon
Only a loon they say
Sees witches on a moonless day

Just a platitude, that we can time fold
We are not centuries old
Just an old tale
Again, and again re-told

Our roots run deep
Deep down where shared memory sleep
We feel the gravity of your leap
Need to renew, to wonder keep

Like the canary in the mine
Mine and your soul is on the line
Soul locked in a dark cage, let it fly free – soar
On inspiration dine
Lore by unique poet voices shine

We are the circle of mother, maiden, crone
In the circle we the Goddess intone
She steers our lives with wisdom felt deep in the bone


Written for both PLAY IT AGAIN! with REAL TOADS and A Skylover Word List ~ Apparition.
My second choice for PLAY IT AGAIN! became: Kerry Says ~ Let’s Find Our Poetic Voice (from July 2015). And just because my muse took me in that direction it also became another attempt at echo poetry.

The three witches appeared through my pen when I started writing poetry. They are free, headstrong characters that sometimes have their way with me. You can also find them in December Moon. Witches brew and Yesteryear Cheer.

I owe thanks for my inspiration to Kerry, without her prompts I wouldn’t have managed this, to Björn who showed how it should be done. And to Terry Pratchett for writing hilarious and thought provoking witches.

Twenty thousand leagues over the darkness

Fallen through the cracks
Betwixt and between places
All gaps 
minded studiously
Never quite sure 
when the destination is neverwhere

Depression and despair ruled
deep and dark as the fathoms in
twenty thousand leagues under the seas
filled with Krakens and Leviathans
Monsters to haunt my night-time
Phantoms to stalk the corners of my eyes

Serendipitously you found me
Lost in abusive fog
Never finding the way through
The mists of Avalon
My compass lacked self-belief
Trust that there is a way out

Caring compassionate heart
Connecting soul deep
Broke isolation
Intense passionate eyes
Lighting a flame 
snuffed long ago
Accepting and believing
Encouraging and positive
Slowly rekindling hope
Another vision of life

Now, the path is still obscured
But there is a way
I hold dear our time
The way your eyes never left mine
Until I saw me as you saw me
When I stumble and falter
The belief and strength 
you showed in me 
keeps me steady
Toiling along with newfound hope


Book Titles:

Neverwhere – One of the first book I read in English, and one I re-read many times. Along with most other books by one of my all time favorites Neil Gaiman.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas – probably one of the first science fiction book I ever read and fell in love with. I still have my Swedish copy from the 1980s with reprints of the original illustrations.

I’d never thought I’d mention MBZ in negative terms, since The Mists of Avalon was so momentous to me, both in spiritual, personal, feminism ways and learning to read English to get access to all those science fiction and fantasy book out there. But such is the times we live in. This article has a spot on description of my reaction of first laying eyes on the book, and also shares my ambiguity on what to think about it now.

Written for PLAY IT AGAIN! with REAL TOADS.
My poem is in answer to 1 Poem, 3 Titles.

I really don’t have time to write, but my muse disagreed and I ended up losing sleep instead. :-)

Even I who only found the garden a third of a year ago is sad to see it end, but thankful it will remain as an archive for inspirations for years to come.

Happy new year everyone!

Can anyone point me in the direction of other inspiring prompts?

Prayer for awakening

Call upon whatever power you desire
Divine or human higher self to suit your taste
Go at it with heart, mind, soul
Hope, work, pray
For humanity to unite
Evolve beyond ego
Merge into a planet-wide tribe of caring individuals
Remember the wisdom
All that which makes us unique, special
Are that which unites us
We are all different, but the same
All wholly unique and one part of a long continuum
No person alone can save us all
Together we can save ourselves


Written for Sheery’s prompt at Imaginary garden with real Toads ~ WORDY FRIDAY WITH WILD WOMAN: STAYING STRONG IN A WORLD OF CLIMATE CRISIS.

I’ve written quite a few pieces all-ready about the environmental disaster we’re facing, and not showing much hope, so thanks for making me go in a more hopeful direction.

Will we awake?
Fire and Ice
Future Forgiveness


Strawberry Fields in Central Park, NYC

I wonder what he’d say
He’d who imagined
Of our world with never ending wars
Tyrants and fanatics
Run by Mammon’s disciples
Steering us straight towards environmental disaster

I wonder what he’d say
He who imagined
Of our splintered,
divisive world
Where dreamers dream the same
But ego rules supreme
The dream seems further away than ever

Just imagine…


The Imagine Peace Tower , Iceland

Written for Just One Last Word: Imagine at Real Toads.

In the darkness of soul

Mike Behnken [CC BY 2.0]

You and I were never more
than a fantasy within a dream
A great whirlwind romance
never felt with swelling hearts
A happily ever after
never built with loves first blush
Or eyes shared
all those unlived futures
Our kisses said
all those unsaid endearments
Our bodies revelled
in a taste of unfelt passions
In trust we shared our inner minds
Honesty the means
to experience another reality
Apart now
yet connected
I will love you
in the darkness of soul


Written for this weekend mini-challenge at Toads ~ 13 Poetic Bits of Kerry.
I fell for the tenth “bit of Kerry”, the last stansa of my poem – “I will love you
in the darkness of soul”
from Sonnet 42 by Kerry O’Connor.
I too am grateful to have found the pond, even thou I barely had had time to dip my toes.

Midwinter Love

Outside the white winter ice-cold
Inside the warm fiery Viking by Freya foretold

Longhouse cools as fire turn to embers
Passion ignites as skin touches skin below the furs

Midwinter winds whines around the thatch
As the warrior finds the shield-maidens lust his heart’s match


Written for Sannas’s prompt ~ May the fire in our hearts keep burning as though there is no end ~ Our challenge is to write a Landay (or a series of Landai) on a subject matter of our liking.
“It’s a traditional Afghan form which consists of a single couplet. 
There are nine syllables in the first line and thirteen syllables in the second. These short poems typically address themes of love, grief, homeland, war, and separation.”

There was also a link to this very interesting article ~ Landays.

I will definitely experience more with this form
and read more about the subject!

Cold Moon

Kolforn (Wikimedia) [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Preparations for the last full moon abounds
Where we let the Midwinter darkness fall
Then light return with a fair singing maiden
Her clear voice and it’s adoration turns our eyes upon the star
It’s light compelling us to contemplate
the birth-death-rebirth of the fisher king
Yearly reminder to shed the old and start anew


Written for Kerry’s prompt on Real Toads ~ Art FLASH! / 55 in December.
55 words without the title.
Read my first contribution to this double feature prompt here.

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