Thirteen Witches (Rewrite)

Thirteen witches standing in a row
One by one bends their heads down low
Thirteen witches to the Goddess bow
One by one swears to magic allow

Thirteen witches and thirteen crows
One by one let their arcane power flow
Thirteen witches ancient wisdom know
One by one fills with heavenly glow

Thirteen witches peace seeds sow
One by one compassionate revolution grows
Thirteen witches Nature care show
One by one holy blessings bestow

Thirteen witches ready for storms to blow
One by one prepared to fight human woe
Thirteen witches sacred loving vow


This is a slight rewrite of an older poem to suite the word count for this weekend’s writing prompt.

Oasis – A meditation poem

Focus on your breath
In and out
Attend that which is within
All that’s swirling inside
Not the hectic outside
Then try letting it all go

After a while you’ll find
The calm that’s an oasis
Not a deceptive mirage 


Written for this weekend’s writing prompt by Sammi Cox.

Photo credits:

Photo by Ravi Pinisetti on Unsplash

Photo by Cara Fuller on Unsplash

I’ve Been Stuck

I’ve been stuck
Going neither forward nor back
Running in circles
Trapped in this inbetween space
Waiting for change
Lost in this way station place

Stationary, yet running around
Collecting stationery, but never writing a line
Screaming myself hoarse
Unable to harness my creative force
Muse hiding, afraid of more abuse
Shying away, like a spooked horse, whenever anyone got near

Now a path has opened, vivid and clear
My inner Goddess always near

I found out, you see
I’m willing to fight doubt and monsters to be free


Inspired by some reawakened inner turmoil and three different prompts. Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt. This weekend’s given word is vivid, and the word count is 89 words. Mindlovemisery’s double take, where the homophones horse and stationary are given. And this Wednesday’s scribbling, waystation, at Poets and Storytellers United, which I missed so posting to the Writers’ Pantry instead.

Homophone sets:

horse – animal
hoarse – lack of voice


stationery – pen, paper, envelope etc.
stationary – still, unmoving

Photo by Dan Asaki on Unsplash

Tessellation of Mind Space

Tessellation in the Alhambra. This was one of the tilings sketched by M. C. Escher in 1936.
From Wikimedia Commons

In the tessellation of mind space
Each experience its neighbours face
Their colour and mood blend and interlace

Piece by piece building a personality mosaic
From the ethereally numinous to the utterly prosaic
Always growing and evolving, never static

Each piece slotting snugly in place
As mortal life the eternal soul encases
With the tessellation of mind space


Written for Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt

Wall tableau of a tessellation by local resident M. C. Escher on the Princessehof ceramic museum, Leeuwarden.
The tableau appears to be based on the ink and watercolour Regular Division of the Plane Drawing #47,
a study for Verbum, 1942.
From Wikimedia Commons

Requisites For A Happy Life

Photography by Artist, Jasper James

Where do you find the requisites for a happy life?

Out there among the pulsing life among the highrises neon lights?
Further afield among the hills and forest natural flow?

Twirling in flashing lights, feet guided by the baseline.
Breathing deep in the forest calm, guided to the core of it all.

Searching alone, yet connected by the song,
composed out of human throng?
Under clear blue or starlit skies,
bathed in the moon’s glow.

Or in the discrepancies and journey between the two?
Not in either or, but in the full enjoyment of the best of both.


Inspired by this weekend’s picture at The Sunday Muse, and the word from Sammi Cox, requisite.

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I’m Tethered

This burning need has got me caught,
I’m tethered

She’s collared me with sweet release and
supple leather

Keeping me on leash by burning passion and
dream-wing feathers

Demanding I write regardless of the world,
or weather

I’ve come to recognize her as my fantasies and
mind’s bellwether

I must do her bidding or she’ll go, abandoning me

I thought she was forever lost, so I’ll happily walk in
my muse’s tether

After all, she’s my soul’s first lover


Written for this weekend’s prompt by Sammi Cox. The prompt word is tether and the word count is 80 words.

Step Into The Unknown

Do you dare to step into the unknown
Are you willing to walk the path creativity has shown

Do you have the tenacity to rewrite your fate all alone
Can you keep faith in the passion burning in the marrow of your bones

Do you nourish the seeds so long ago sown
Can you care for the tender shoots out of the fertile psyche-loam grown


Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash

This is my contribution for this week’s weekend writing prompt by Sammi Cox. It’s very similar to `When Opportunity Comes To Call` that I wrote about a week ago. Testament to what is currently whirling in my mind.

This weekend’s word is unknown and the word count is 65 words. The poem consists of three rhymed couplets.

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