Love Me, Accept Me, Hold Me – Affirmation poem, 17 December

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Love me
Love me, without chains and constraints
Let me live free

Please accept me
Please accept me, all the pleasure and pain I contain
Play with me, you’ll see

Hold me
Hold me, as I rhyme and reason regain
Hand in hand as long as both agree

These words I say to all my mirror images in the morning

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1 December 2020

Every year, I keep to one childhood joy
A treat that dark days buoy

Wondering what’s the next delight
Hidden there, just out of sight

A piece of Christmas wonder
Behind every number
In my Advent calendar


I grew up with that kind of advent calendar with little gifts in it. Hung on a calendar my mother embroidered. (See picture below)
For years I had a calendar from Body shop, but this year I wanted something different.
After some searching I found one containing little books, from different genres. Today it where two short stories I rather liked. Looking forward to tomorrow.


Change Time

Every time today I sit to write.

Change your story. Change your life.

Everyday rudely break my line.

Change your life. Change your story.

Supply adding distract to inner strife.

Change your story. Change your world.

There’s just one more little thing.

Change your world. Change your story.

Needed as both mother and spouse.

Change your story. Change your life.

Finally steal a moment to write.

Change your life. Change the world

My mind filled with incessant chant.

Change the world. Change your chant.

Let your inner voice be heard.

Change your life. Change the world.

© RedCat

Box – a Couplet

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In the box, fragments of me
Shameful shards, bits I rather not be


I wrote this couplet a few days in my notebook, but couldn’t get any further. Now, I use it as it is for Franks Final Couplet challenge.

A couplet is two similar lines of verse. Both lines have the same meter. They do not have to rhyme. However, they should make sense together and have a similar metrical structure.

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