Daily Haibun, June 30th – Happiness and Sunset

© RedCat

As I mentioned in my Wednesday Re-post I have have had two hours dance workshop tonight. On my way home I took a long walk through city. To stretch tiered muscles, feel the puls of the city (haven’t been much of that for what feels like ages) and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Few things makes me as happy as dancing.

As sunset clouds glow
My mind fills with happy flow
Rehearsing dance show

© RedCat

© RedCat

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Daily Haibun, June 22nd – The joy of growing things

Oliver Hale on Unsplash

I definitely don’t have green fingers. I’m the worst at keeping indoor plants alive. Constantly forgetting to water and nourish.

Outdoor is another thing. Because in the garden grows things to eat. Chives, ruccola and salad. Rhubarb and several kinds of berries.

Today I picked the first homegrown strawberries of the year. Just one each. But they were surprisingly big for first berries. And tasted sweet as only sun ripe strawberries can.

Wether sun or rain
When the strawberries ripens
Summer has begun

© RedCat

Amanda Hortiz on Unsplash

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Ring of Fire – A Sonnet


When dusk comes in the middle of the day
The sun reduced to a pale ring of fire
What were the ancient learned wise ones to say
When scared superstitious people inquire

That their actions attracted the Gods ire
And now they have to pay the bloody price
To avoid consequences most dire
The most precious they must sacrifice

Or the world will turn to cold barren ice
Devoid of all the Sun’s life giving warmth
No longer this Aegean paradise
But eternal night as in the far north

As the sacrifice bled and died they did say
Now the sun will rise again day after day


Written for The Wombwell Rainbow’s Eclipse feature yesterday. 

The first picture is one I took on the reflection in our basic pinhole projector, just two papers, one with a pinhole in it.

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Daily Haibun, June 8th – Endless Evenings


The daylight is searing bright. The evenings are getting endless. There is no true night, only paler light. Soon dusk meets dawn in endless days. Only the sun and it’s rays. Morning, noon and midnight. Sleep is harder to come by in the endless light. The mind has trouble distinguishing day from night. Until the tired body wins the fight. And sleep comes with dreams of endless light.

As Midsummer nears
Heart and soul grows light restless
Sun energies flow



Daily Haibun, June 5th – Icecream and sun

Photo by Nas Mato on Unsplash

“Today we’re going to the big green slide. And on the way there we’re buying ice cream.” My youngest said after lunch today. So we did. Thankfully I found a bench in the shade as he went again and again in the tube slide. 

We’ve had high summer temperatures for a few days now. I just came in from an evening walk and it’s still warm outside. 

In the summer sun
Life feels easier somehow
Troubles blown away


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Daily Haibun – May 28th

Photo by Yoav Aziz on Unsplash

After more than a year of isolation taking the commuter train to the other side of town felt like an adventure, like going somewhere new, even though I’ve been there lots of times. Arriving felt strange, the busy place I remembered nearly empty of people. No students at the campus. Even the university hospital was mostly quiet.

After getting a bit dizzy and light-headed after the shot I was kept under observation for an hour. When I emerged the grey overcast sky had turned to brilliant sunshine and summer warmth.

Like sun after rain
getting the first vaccine shot
fills the heart with hope


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Photo by Ron Smith on Unsplash

The first warm sun (2020 Re-post)


Re-post comment:

Looking for what to re-post for today’s wander in the archives this meditation poem gave me strength and peace of mind. Hope you can feel some of that too!


The first warm sun rays of spring
Warm upon my cheek
A breeze turns it into gentle caress
Brilliant light dances behind closed lids
First spring touch kiss my lips
Natures warm embrace surrounds me
Comforting, healing
Life affirming

The Goddess gently touches
Starburst erupts
Showering me with universal love
Connecting me to me
To every living thing
Assuring me there will be a way
A path out of darkness
My trek dotted with oases of calm
Peace, connection, love
Moments of bliss

Secure points in a bewildering maze
Built of old and new trauma
Fear, sorrow, dark despair
Life-ending depression

Inner trust and faith will guide me through
Inborn strength a given armour
Intelligens, wit and wisdom deduce true from false
The quest might be lonely
Yet aided by care and love
Freely given, by friends yet to be found

Be still
Give thankfulness

Use your pen
Jot both now and then
Hone your craft
Draft by draft
Writing will illuminate
Meditation germinate
Revision concentrate
New life emancipate


Today again the will to make poetry out of my meditation overtook me soon thereafter. :-)

Also posted to earthweal open link weekend #8.

Quiet Sunday Contemplation


Quiet Sunday contemplation
Walking face towards the sun
Looking for next step directions
Of this journey I’ve begun

Breathing deep in meditation
Sitting face towards the sun
Practicing elusive self-compassion
I just wanna jump up and run

Diving deep into inspiration
Keeping my face towards the sun
Writing my hearts dedication
Keep striving until life brightens

Mind filled with imaginations
From the strengthening spring sun


Last month I wrote Quietly Contemplating Continuation, trying to put words on the thought swirling in my mind. I had just signed up for the ekphrastic challenge – meaning interpreting art through poetry. It sounded like a fun colour splash in the dark of winter. I also thought it could teach me something. 

It changed my process in regards to writing inspired by art. How I approach and look at each piece, taking notes, then let my impressions stew for a bit. For some reason it also made me stretch myself into using more complex forms I’ve previously struggled to accomplish.

I’m especially pleased with Nightmare Storms – A Villanelle, The battered tower – A Triolet and Fall Maiden – A Sonnet.

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