Between “ Who I Was ” And “Who I Want To Be” — Human Performance Psychology

I love when the world is synchronous and something pops up that explain or sum up, or clarify something about my own life path. Like a new song with lyrics that’s just right, or like the below article which very clearly explain where I’m at right now. Between one self and another.

Who am I? Who am I now? I’ve been talking recently with a client who I’ll call Robert. A bright guy who’s moved way up in the high tech industry. But he’s not a happy camper. For a few years now, he’s been thinking of getting out, shifting to his first love: he wants to […]

Between “ Who I Was ” And “Who I Want To Be” — Human Performance Psychology

My story

I have a story to tell that fits among the horror section.
A story I would rather not have to share.
I really don’t want to relive it in thought or text.
And I don’t want to spend misery around.

If I were a superhero it would be my origin story.
As a creative soul it is the key.
The story I have to tell to unlock myself as a writer, an artist, a proud survivor.

It will be a journey filled with pain.
But in the end I hope for deliverance.
A fresh start.
Clearing out old mental cobwebs.

Healing more by accepting more love and understanding.
Maybe even from strangers out there on the world wide web.

Growing as a person by not hiding who I am, what I am, and why I am.

Trusting that however quirky and weird my life has made me,
there are people out there that will accept me as I am.
Hoping that there are more good than bad people out there.
People with whom I could share my road.

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