Utter Tohubohu – Flash Fiction, MLMM Wordle 252

Like water caresses the streambed rocks, the mention of his crimes in the newspapers caressed his black heart. Carefully he clipped them all out to save in his well filled scrapbook. He got a kick out of knowing his artful displays had left the police in utter tohubohu. He’d left them no clues to follow.

He took pride in his time consuming careful preparations. Ruminating over every angle. Never acting impetus due to desire or need. Just as his master had taught him.

So he was extremely surprised when the continued news reporting and the media nicknaming him the Hieronymus Bosch killer, made him itch to complete a new art piece soon.

© RedCat

I might have read too many crime novels lately.

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Written for Wordle #252 at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. 

Tohubohu– a state of chaos, confusion


First – The Last Judgment 

Second – Fall of the Damned

Both by Hieronymus Bosch via WikiMedia Commons

There’s A Rumor – MLMM, Wordle 251

There’s a rumor among the critics and saboteurs in my head
Petrifying my scarred heart
Running icy tendrils down my neck
Designed to make the little girl inside all verklempt

Because the paralysing nightshade poison of the rumor has been proven true
This girl has never been like the neurotypical you

Ostracization and isolation leaves wounds in our energetic bodies
Removing peel by peel of everything you thought true
Providing constant suction on the life force
Until it’s so low, you start thinking death is a viable option

But don’t jump off that bridge just yet
No life’s fate is in stone set
Hidden among the neurodiversity are your secret weapons
An armory full to keep you safe whatever happens


Written for Wordle #251 at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

Verklempt- overly emotional and unable to speak.

I’ve touched upon this before. Both with hints and straight out like in, Another Piece of the Puzzle – A Puente Poem. I apparently have Adhd/Add and ASD/AST.

Some days it makes me furiously angry to be diagnosed this late in life, due to the fact that I’m female and do not fit typically into either diagnosis. Other days I feel immensely sad for the little girl who never understood at all why she couldn’t fit in however much she tried.

Some days it feels like a brand forever excluding me from friendship and love. Other days I realize a lot of my strengths stem from my neurodiversity. My very quick witted mind which others both adore and dislike. My propensity for thinking very deeply about things, which has enabled me to write insightful business reports and papers and allows me to write poetry that touches the hearts of others.

Wrote this to allow myself and others the knowledge that the struggle is real. But that each of us have value and worth. And all of us are deserving to be loved for those we are!

If you yourself are struggling, or know someone who is. Encourage them to get help. To talk to someone. Or drop a line to me either in the comment section or to the mail address you’ll find in the about page.

Forbidden Cave – A Story Poem

Raychan on Unsplash

She knew the cave was for acolytes forbidden.
It was said it could render a person utterly mad.
But if it was truly dangerous, wouldn’t it be better hidden?
Her curiosity evaporated any hesitation she might have had.

The stone carvings were massive, reaching beyond the light of her torch.
It fluttered, spluttered and gasped in the airless cave.
With a quick spell she summoned light from her sorceress brooch.
Took a breath from the air-sack that would her life save.

With a frown she studied the carvings, so intricate and complex.
Surely they belonged to the ancient astrology.
Or they meant nothing, only carved to vex and perplex.
Born out of a mad woman’s deranged fantasy.

She sat down to meditate, seeing if she could find any meaning at all.
With a burst of insight the meaning to her occurred.
The truth nearly obliterated her mind, made her skin crawl.
They were incantations meant to summon eldritch horrors from another world.

© RedCat

Diana Parkhouse on Unsplash

Written for Wordle #247 at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.

Stone Carvings

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