I wish I was American – Guest Poet

I wish I was american
I wish I was american so I could vote
and I would vote!
I would vote for another way
I would vote for digging a new foundation
I would vote for better education
And a media that was free
Free to write it
Report it
Show it
Without being beholden to sponsorships to stay afloat
As truth has turned into multiple choice and alternatives
We need journalism more than ever
So I would vote.
Vote for journalists, not influencers
Vote for doctors, not investors
Vote for educators, not promoters

Information is key
The key to unlocking the celldoor
Or be imprisoned for life
So vote with awareness
And not fear
Vote with open eyes
and not screaming mouths

As the rest of us hold our breath
Hoping there is air to breathe in the morning

© Ulf Hässelbäck

A dear friend and fellow poet wrote this piece and offered to share it.
As I too hope there’s air to breath tomorrow I urge everyone to VOTE with a compassionate heart, not stuck in fearmongering. – RedCat

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