For years this page creeped me out. I wanted to write online, but not reveal anything personal about myself.

Read that sentens again. I wanted to write, a very intimate craft. But I didn’t want to let the world know me. I was afraid to be honest.


So I wrote something to keep readers at arms length.

So which trivia would you like to know about me?
My occupation, age, favorite author, political and philosophical opinions, gender, cup-size…

What would you need to know to read my blog?
Well, in all sincerely you really don´t need to know anything besides that I am fully capable of having opinions on any and all subjects, between here and the moon.

Did it work?

OF course it did, it also kept me at arms lenght from the world.

I’ve decided I’m done with that. So bear with my while I mull over a new version of this page.

Still curious?

Well a tidbit then…

A project manager and business developer expert by trade. A career that suits my curious mind.

An avid bookworm, who read a library growing up.
Only stopping my reading to write, by now, my mind is brimming with poetry.

Will you join me on my journey?

If for some reason you’ll like to contact me directly send an e-mail to rodkattan@gmail.com

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  1. I am curious to know about your take on loving a stranger, the usual Cinderella thingy. Have you written about it in any of your blog posts? pls. point me to one. Thanks

    1. I’m not sure my take on Cinderella and similar stories have mostly to do with loving, or falling for strangers. After all, most people are strangers to one another the first time they meet.

      I haven’t written any classical hero/prince charming saves damsel in distress stories. But I have written a pieces that are about lovers meeting.


      Two part of the same poetry story.



      1. Seems like I have suddenly stumbled upon one of the most romantic minds out there. Some fiction is inspired by reality even though that may look like fantasy from the outside. I will stop here asking you anything else irrespective of my curious brain carrying thousands of questions for you. Have a wonderful day 💞

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