Stalked – A Pleiades Poem

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Seven stars in the fall sky
Shining sisters with a cry
Shall we forever fly, flee
Stalked by hunters, never free
Scribe us a new life story
See us love, laugh, kiss, worry
Shroud us in modern glory

© RedCat

Written for Poetics: Stars that count over at dVerse. This Pleiades form, seven lines with seven syllables each, and all starting with the same letter as the one word title, is wholly new to me and took a couple of tries.

Tried to find inspiration in mythology, only found a tiredness over the way women are used in almost all of our founding stories.

So I gave that voice instead!

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Time to work, werk, work.
If you want your dreams to come true, you have to work for it girl.
Pick yourself up once more. With feeling this time.
If you let all the times people have struck you down, keep you down,
then you´ve lost and they won.

We´re not going to let them win? Are we girl?
Are you picking yourself up by your bootstraps?
Linking arms with the woman next to you.
Standing proud and tall together.

Demanding our rights to live, to be all versions of ourselves, all versions of womanhood.
Demanding the right to breathe freely, to learn freely, to think freely, to act freely, to love freely.
Demanding our total right to all choices concerning our own bodies.

We’re not just half the world’s population.
Women are the physical embodiment of the awesome force of nature.
Sheltering, nurturing, bringing forth new generations of human life.

Time to work. Time to stand up. Time to raise our voices.

Long past overdue to grab hold of and demand all our rights!

Will you stand beside me?



This was one of the first things I wrote after coming out of my long years of humongous writers block. I wrote it to get some frustration out. But also as a rallying call to myself, and hopefully, others.
Someone called it a manifesto, and maybe it could be blueprint to one. It could also be seen as a Soliloquy.

Also posted to Pantry of Poetry and Prose, 2 at Poets United.
And OpenLinkNight #258 at dVerse.

First draft written 20 May 2019.

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