Besom Buddies

We went flying today
My besom buddies and I
High up in the star studded sky
Practicing how we’ll say trick or treat

When we got tired
We rested on the sickle moon
Rejuvenated by her October tune
Feeling our magic rise afired

As the sun rose
We went happily to our beds
With the night sky singing in our heads
Dreaming of our future beaus


Yesterday there was a ghost child. Today it became teenage witches. And I learned a new word. Besom – I had no idea a witches (or traditional) broom had a name of its own.

Written for the second day of Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain (volume ii) – A Horror / Halloween Writing Prompt Challenge

Image credits:

First image: Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

Second image: Photo by Schaa Rabbani on Unsplash

Your Touch Lingers – A Quadrille

In the cool moonlight
The warmth of your touch
In my mind

The memory of your kiss
Makes my lips

Remembering how our bodies moved
And our passion

All through the night
Until both were too exhausted to lift
A finger

© RedCat

It’s a beautiful full moon tonight!

Written for tonight’s Quarille prompt, Let’s Linger, over at dVerse.

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First image: Photo by Brandon Morgan on Unsplash

Second image: Photo by Constantin Popp on Unsplash

Reading: Daughter Of The Moon – A Mirrored Refrain Poem

Knowing what only hearts and souls know
Blessed by nature in the womb
I am a daughter of the moon
From my loom I call buds to bloom

Seeing what the eye’s can’t see
Knowing the meaning of the ancient runes
From my loom I call buds to bloom
I am a daughter of the moon

Feeling what the forest folk feel
Hearing wisdom from the tombs
I am a daughter of the moon
From my loom I call buds to bloom

Hearing what the trees hear
Dancing to the season’s tunes
From my loom I call buds to bloom
I am a daughter of the moon


Written for Poetry Form: Mirrored Refrain at dVerse. Yesterday I sat stargazing while mulling over the refrain lines. Then I wrote in a furious tempo before going to sleep. I realised it felt like this poem really should be read aloud. So I held off posting it until I had the time to make a recording. Click on the Soundcloud link above to hear it.

I love writing repeating forms like the Pantoum, Triolet and Echo poems. And almost always read my poems out loud when editing to hear the sound and rhythm, to feel out the places where the melody snags on a word or phrase. That’s why this one has extra repeating sounds and an internal rhyme in one refrain line. Because I liked the sounds it made.

The Mirrored Refrain is a rhyming verse form constructed by Stephanie Repnyek.

The poem is formed by three or more quatrains where two lines within the quatrain are the “mirrored refrain” or alternating refrain.

The rhyme scheme is as follows: xaBA, xbAB, xaBA, xbAB, etc..

x represents the only lines that do not rhyme within the poem. A and B represent the refrain.

From Shadow Poetry

Also shared with Promote Yourself Monday at Go Dog Go Café

Image credits:

Purple moon image: Photo by Silas Peters on Unsplash

Moon over water image: Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

Forest image: Photo by Michael Krahn on Unsplash

Loom image: Photo by Nickolas Nikolic on Unsplash

Written in the book of dust (2020 Re-post)

© RedCat

Written in the book of dust
Between worlds
In the midnight days
The wind on the moon
Prophecy good omens
Stardust from the bones of the Moon
Fall over smoke and mirrors
The garden of shadows
Where seekers await
The lovedeath-rebirth
Of goddess initiation

© RedCat

Photo by Guilherme Rossi on

Re-post comment:

As I sit here wondering what books I’ll be required to read this year. And what stories I’ll be privileged to read in the text critique groups. I suddenly remembered it time for Wandering the Archives Wednesday. So I choose this poem made up of book titels.


I’ve done this with song titles before, but not with book titels. Equally fun and tricky.

Posted as response to Finding poems in bookshelves at dVerse.

GloPoWriMo 2020

DAY 1 – Build a New Start
DAY 2 – Beloved Bookstore
DAY 3 – Sunshine and Hail
DAY 4 – Isolation Dating
DAY 5 –Staring out a Windowpane
DAY 6 – Casanova Comes Closer
DAY 7 – Swirling Colors of my Mind
DAY 8 – White – Red – Black
DAY 9 – Different World After
DAY 10 – Spring Hay(na)ku
DAY 11 – Love – Hay(na)ku
DAY 12 – Make Art – Triolet inspired
by Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell
DAY 13 – What did you think would happen
to a child left on my doorstep?
DAY 14 – Ballad of the Lost Poet
DAY 15 – Writer’s class – Hay(na)ku
DAY 16 – What is a Nomad without a Tribe?
DAY 17 – Pale Spring, Here Again, Nature Awake
DAY 18 – Spring Day in the Garden
DAY 19 – Close Couplets
DAY 20 – Lost in Love’s First Flush
DAY 21 – She Tasted Like Memory
DAY 22 – Struggling Mind
DAY 23 – Written in the book of dust
DAY 24 – At the end of every week, Friday-Cozy!
DAY 25 – Slip, Crack, Shatter
DAY 26 – Humans Really Don’t Know
DAY 27 – April Rain
DAY 28 – Greeting the Watch Horse
DAY 29 – Letter of Hope
DAY 30 – Witches Walpurgis Night Preparation

Sweet Summer Nights – A Monotetra Poem

Sweet-smelling summer night in June
Night is full of enchanted tunes
Ground with sparkling dewdrops is strewn
Magic of moon, magic of moon

The wind silvery giggles carries
Hiding among the blue posies
A dancing frolic of fairies
Wings like daisies, wings like daisies

In the pale midsummer night sky
Pink tinted clouds swiftly scuds by
We soar together you and I
As swallows fly, as swallows fly

The moon is full and shining bright
Bathing us in her blessed light
As we share in earthly delights
Sweet summer night, sweet summer night


Written for Poetry Form: Monotetra at dVerse. It’s always a fun challenge to try out a new form.

 The monotetra is a poetic form developed by Michael Walker. Here are the basic rules:

*Comprised of quatrains (four-line stanzas) in tetrameter (four metrical feet) for a total of 8 syllables per line

*Each quatrain consists of mono-rhymed lines (so each line in the first stanza has the same type of rhyme, as does each line in the second stanza, etc.)

*The final line of each stanza repeats the same four syllables. This is what makes the monotetra so powerful as a poetic form – the last line contains two metrical feet, repeated.

*This poem can be as short as 1 or 2 quatrains and as long as a poet wishes.

Stanza Structure:

Line 1: 8 syllables; A1

Line 2: 8 syllables; A2

Line 3: 8 syllables; A3

Line 4: 4 syllables, repeated; A4, A4


Also shared with Promote Yourself Monday at Go Dog Go Café.

Requisites For A Happy Life

Photography by Artist, Jasper James

Where do you find the requisites for a happy life?

Out there among the pulsing life among the highrises neon lights?
Further afield among the hills and forest natural flow?

Twirling in flashing lights, feet guided by the baseline.
Breathing deep in the forest calm, guided to the core of it all.

Searching alone, yet connected by the song,
composed out of human throng?
Under clear blue or starlit skies,
bathed in the moon’s glow.

Or in the discrepancies and journey between the two?
Not in either or, but in the full enjoyment of the best of both.


Inspired by this weekend’s picture at The Sunday Muse, and the word from Sammi Cox, requisite.

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Daily Haibun, June 19th – Cooling Air

© RedCat

In the relative quiet of a late night walk. My overheated mind cools and slows down. A bit. Remnants of today’s writing still swirling around.

The cafe I called my second living room as a young adult. Stepping into the unknown. A comment that made me teary eyed. The dark and wild side. The song post halfway done.

All in all I’m pleased and happy with the amount I’ve managed to write today.

The pink half-moon shines
Signaling the day is done
Time to rest and sleep

© RedCat

© RedCat

Daily Haibun, June 17th – Demilune

The demilune* is bright in the pale sky. The light calming after a warm busy day. Lending peace to evening meditation. Giving calm to an overheated psyche.

My mind is still running itself ragged with too many thoughts and too much self doubt. But I try to function and make decisions despite that. Since I know waiting for it to pass is a fool’s game I’ll lose.

In the balmy night
The demilune shines bright
Calming my minds sight


*Demilune is another word for half-moon.

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Photo by Josh Miller on Unsplash

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