The Poets Symphony – Raw Earth Ink

When poet’s write a symphony
Notes and words find destiny
In lyrical poems, verses and melodies
Emotional word music journeys


Any other year
I’d invite to a soirée

Gather all my friends
Celebrate until the night ends

Honoring the drive to create
Sharing the dream to exhilarate

Entertain by dancing a silly caper
Show happiness – that my words are printed on paper


Since this is anything but a normal year, I raise my glass to you all, wishing your dreams come true!

I’m so happy and proud to reveal

Three poems by me in 

The Poets Symphony

“A really good poem is full of music.”
Eric Whitacre, American Composer and Conductor

Tune in to just a few lines from a song and one can easily be pulled back into a single moment in time, memories rising unbidden. New moments to be discovered, music weaves through our lives tying them all together.

Lovingly composed by thirty-one artists and writers from around the world, The Poets Symphony delivers the seduction of music in the form of poetry, lyrics, rhyme, digital art, photography and more.

From inspiration to nostalgic memory, love affairs to the musician himself, place the needle on the record and allow the music of life to flow through your soul.

You can find the paperback at lulu (recommended)Barnes & Noble, or Amazon. (Lulu has been shipping out books in about a week (or less) while Amazon is taking over a month to ship out book orders.)

You can also read it on your Kindle.

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Glow – 3 December (2019 Re-Post)

Anne Anderson (1874-1930) [Public domain]

Inside glow of loving family
Outside pain of loneliness

Inside glow of warmth
Outside ache of cold

Inside glow of holiday feast
Outside pain of hunger

Inside glow of kindness
Outside hurt of cruelty

Inside glow of visions
Outside warmth of a snow drift


Written for the prompt at dVerse ~ There’s a Shine to the Season! and inspired by The Little Match Girl by H.C. Andersen.

Jeroen Kransen [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Waiting a Long December Night – 2 December 2020

Photo by Vlad Bagacian from Pexels

Waiting a long December night
It’s easy to startle and take fright
Imagine goblins and ghosts
Even though the night are like most
Not yet full winter nights
When the moon is hid from sight

Waiting a long December night
I light candles to burn bright
Imagine unconstrained Christmas cheer
Cosying up with all I hold dear
Wishing for a new year
Without an pandemic to fear

Waiting a long December night
When the moon is hid from sight
I light candles to burn bright
To ward off spirits mischievous fright
Seasonal rhymes and rituals write
Waiting a long December night


Last night I where kept up until the small hours by my youngest. Giving me some time to prepare today’s Advent calendar post. Missing to much sleep is never good. But sometimes writing in the witching hour gives great results. ;-)

1 December

Red Fox – A Golden Shovel Poem

Photo by Alex Andrews from Pexels

“She said if a red fox had crossed somewhere, that area was safe”

from “Surfacing” by Kathleen Jamie.

Once, I met a Fay, this is what she said.
Beware of human glamour, if a
person your klaxons clamor, with visions of blood running red
Heed the warning, be clever, cunning, quick as a fox

You already a lifetime of suffering had
Monster, upon monster has your path crossed
Get out, go away, seek another context somewhere

Where your gifts are cherished, your heart nourished, that area
Are your fountain of trust, wellspring of creative lust, deep source of love that was safe


Never one to back down from an intricate form, I had a go at a Golden Shovel poem, where the last words of each line in are, in order, words from a line or lines taken another poem.

The line in Poetics: travels in the wild over at dVerse that spoke the most to me was this.


1 December 2020

Every year, I keep to one childhood joy
A treat that dark days buoy

Wondering what’s the next delight
Hidden there, just out of sight

A piece of Christmas wonder
Behind every number
In my Advent calendar


I grew up with that kind of advent calendar with little gifts in it. Hung on a calendar my mother embroidered. (See picture below)
For years I had a calendar from Body shop, but this year I wanted something different.
After some searching I found one containing little books, from different genres. Today it where two short stories I rather liked. Looking forward to tomorrow.


Words dance – 2019 Re-post

For this the first Sunday in Advent I choose to re-post this lighthearted, fun word dance.

I also think it’s time to find some new words to dance with in this form.


I like words.
Love to move in dance.

Move words to dance in love.
I like!

Love to dance.
Move in words I like.

Like in dance.
I love to move words.

Words move love.
I like to dance in.

I like words to love.
Dance in, move.

Words in love dance.
I move to like.

Like I dance.
Words love to move in.

I love words.
To move like in dance.

I in words dance.
To move like love.


Photo by Matej from Pexels

Written for today’s prompt at toads ~ Weekend Mini Challenge. We’re asked to read the poem  ‘The Uncertainty of the Poet’. And “study the structure and word patterns, and then write a similar poem, choosing your own words to noodle around with, restricting yourself to those words and trying them out in different combinations in couplets.”

This was really fun and both as easy as it looks at first and deceptively hard.
I played around with a couple of different word combination before finding my stride…

Originally posted Friday 29 November, 2019.

Walking up to you


Walking up to you
A private spotlight
An audience of one
Curious of me
Demanding honesty
Both good now and ugly past
Not polished social media life
The spotlight is not a mirror
But a doorway to private rooms
Excluding the rest of the world

Hands meet, fingers intertwining
Skin contact ignites the spark
Wanting a kiss, lips tingle
Two souls connect, passion flares
Hands explore curves and zones
Stripping away layers
Until skin touches only skin
Kissing, licking, nibbling, sucking
Pleasure given and shared

Every sensation heightened by mutual awareness
Breath deepens, heartbeat races
Waves start to build and roll
Velocity and intensity increases
Wave cresting, climax shared
Orgasm takes hold
You spend yourself as I buck and tremble


© RedCat

Read more sensual poetry here.

First published Friday 6th September 2019.
Re-published Saturday 1 February 2020.

Inky and Ice Cold Tarn of Sorrow

Image Source

Wave upon wave of darkness crashing in
Sinking, no chance to swim
Chilling doubt seeps in
Trauma wrought chains within

Shower and sparkle of bubbles with air
Lead heavy, stuck in despair
Losing the fight to draw air
Would anyone even care?

Inky and ice cold tarn of sorrow
No dawn of tomorrow
Frozen in ice sheets of sorrow
Cold in soul and marrow

Glimmer and gleam of bright hope
Igniting life’s colourful kaleidoscope
Even for the most wretched there’s shimmering hope
Hold my hand and together we’ll anything cope

© RedCat

Inspired by the first photo from The Sunday Muse.

And before anyone gets worried, this is thankfully not how bad my depression is right now. This is processing by writing about it. It is also an attempt to help someone else express themselves. And a chance to show some hope for everyone having a hard time right now.

Image Source

For me a tarn can be both a small woodland lake or a water filled old mining shaft, with inky black waters.

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