The Poets Symphony – Raw Earth Ink

When poet’s write a symphony
Notes and words find destiny
In lyrical poems, verses and melodies
Emotional word music journeys


Any other year
I’d invite to a soirée

Gather all my friends
Celebrate until the night ends

Honoring the drive to create
Sharing the dream to exhilarate

Entertain by dancing a silly caper
Show happiness – that my words are printed on paper


Since this is anything but a normal year, I raise my glass to you all, wishing your dreams come true!

I’m so happy and proud to reveal

Three poems by me in 

The Poets Symphony

“A really good poem is full of music.”
Eric Whitacre, American Composer and Conductor

Tune in to just a few lines from a song and one can easily be pulled back into a single moment in time, memories rising unbidden. New moments to be discovered, music weaves through our lives tying them all together.

Lovingly composed by thirty-one artists and writers from around the world, The Poets Symphony delivers the seduction of music in the form of poetry, lyrics, rhyme, digital art, photography and more.

From inspiration to nostalgic memory, love affairs to the musician himself, place the needle on the record and allow the music of life to flow through your soul.

You can find the paperback at lulu (recommended)Barnes & Noble, or Amazon. (Lulu has been shipping out books in about a week (or less) while Amazon is taking over a month to ship out book orders.)

You can also read it on your Kindle.

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Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Moon Ate the Dark – RedCat — Brave & Reckless

In the full moon light
Neither public persona nor shadow side
Can stay hidden to the Goddess sight

In revelations She delights
Illuminating all that’s hidden inside
Unveiling what hinders living in divine light

In presence of Her light
Let the divine spark decide
Sacrifice all those feelings of fright […]

Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Moon Ate the Dark – RedCat — Brave & Reckless

I’m so happy and proud to re-blog this, my response to, The Moon Ate the Dark Challenge. ❤️ Thank you for publishing my poem! 🌹

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Moonbeams and Moon Dreams


There once was a girl, with unruly strawberry curls. Eyes that shone with curiousity, a mind that learned willingly. A spirit strong and free, shining starlight for all to see.

Her companion were utterly dull, one that seems to death perpetually mull. Together they made an odd pair, one darkest night, the other moonbeam fair. The town loon, called them the faces of the Moon.

Always together, like forever and ever. Knowing each others ways, knowing what the other will say. So mostly they said naught, keeping the knowledge Selene taught.

How to hallow your waxing and waning. How to grow and keep wisdom gaining. In their dreams they sleep with the moon. Receiving the Goddess boon. Her love and care, inspired passion that anything dares.

Follow your heart, make your dreams start. Live life by Aphrodite’s sacrament. Love free and be thoughtfully compassionate.

© RedCat

Inspired by this week’s line at dVerse Prosey. Where were challenged to incorporate a specific line into a 144 words piece.

“In their dreams
they sleep with the moon.”–From Mary Oliver, “Death at Wind River”


Saturday Longing

© RedCat

Dreaming of when our gazes finally meet

Hoping for that instant spark that go soul deep

Imagining how we’ll make the others heart leap

Chancing we’ll both honesty and trust keep

Fantasising about when hands feel skins heat

Wishing to be close enough to hear each other’s heart beat

Dreaming of nights shared naughty and sweet


Sometimes dreams are best kept private, sometimes they are best shared. Expressed, formulated, viewed.

Sweet Dreams! ❤️

© RedCat

Life Foundation

Att the core of every one of us
Lies the pattern stamped on us
How love and worth descend on us

Where you taught it’s the birthright of us all
Everyone a little bundle of love and joy to us all
A soul come to share it’s light with us all

Or where you raised in a dysfunctional way
Learning false love the transactional way
Exist only and just as they say, otherwise they’ll take their love away

© RedCat

Part of my mind says this piece is only half finished, but my heart says that was all the honest outpouring it could take right now, and that it still have purpose and meaning.

Mayhap there will be a second version one day…

Inspired by Weekly Scribblings #34: Foundation over at Poets and Storytellers United.

Freight Train Nine

For nine years, time stretched our longing into a freight train of stored emotions.

Today, nine seconds of longing is too long. Our passion, a runaway freight train of unshared devotions.

Nine nights in eachothers embrace, touch longing replace. Not even such a freight train stretch can slake our lust’s rhythmic explosions.


Written for today’s challenge prompt at Go Dog Go. Three words, freight train, longing, nine. I enjoy this “flash prompt”. Writing the first thing that pops up, and only for a maximum of fifteen minutes.

It’s fun, challenging, and allow you to find new ways to write.

Bumbling Bumblebee

Blenda the bumptious bumkin bumblebee bumbled back and forth bumming nectar from bees.

Before long, the bees barrelled and bumped into Blenda. “Back away from our blossoms”, they buzzed.

Boring bees, a bummed out Blenda thought. Perchance the botanist holds a bumbling bumblebee beloved.

© RedCat

Quadrille Monday over at dVerse. And I went a bit bananas with the word bum in a myriad forms.

(Another post today from app rather then browser, so more formatting errors.)


If parental love and support always lacked

If abuse and neglect was an everyday fact
A child’s mind and soul is under attack

Natural behavior patterns are reprogrammed and hacked
All so the abuser can life force extract

A new life’s love and joy ransacked
Growing up learning love is a transactional act

Darkness no sunlight can counteract 
A planet busters impact

No child can survive intact

Inspiered by this weekends prompt.

(Published via iPad, will fix formatting later)

Human Missconceptions

Art by helldivo at DeviantArt 

We see trees to fell

We fail to hear the stories a forest can tell

Timber to count

Of life giving life, until we come Gaia’s fount

Land to clear

Rebirth and renewal every year

Fields to sow

How nature nothing away throws

We see nature as something to tame

Our beloved planet will never be the same

We must learn, or live in man made hell
Teach each other to hard challenges surmount
Learn to hold our only planet dear
Accept that to some laws of nature we must bow
Because if Earth dies beneath our feet, we only got ourselves to blame

© RedCat

Inspiered by the beautiful artwork shared by The Sunday Muse.

Also posted to Writers’ Pantry #34 at Poets and Storytellers United.


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