Sunshine and Hail

Andreas Trepte / CC BY-SA

Warm spring sunlight
Biting cold gales

Universal love meditation
Lonely broken marriage

Sun bright Tussilago
Wind whipped graupel

Inborn worth affirmation
Abuse deception betrayal


Inspired by the weather during my afternoon walk.

Where very surprised to find that Tussilago is the flowers Latin name.
And the word Graupel where to fun to resist. But the kind of precipitation I experienced today is distinctly different from hail, and is frequent during spring in Sweden.

GloPoWriMo 2020

DAY 1 – Build a New Start
DAY 2 – Beloved Bookstore

LiWei / CC BY-SA

Beloved Bookstore

Foto: Melissa A. Barton

My favorite place
Browsing for hours space
Ink filled shelf maze

Along Old Town’s busiest street
Fantasy and Science Fiction meet
Wild dreams with care treat

Rows upon rows of books
Customers in all manner of looks
Geeks and nerds in every nook

Kind magic filled atmosphere
All welcome however queer
There whenever the world feels to severe

My favorite store
Filled to the rafters with strange lore
Lets inspired creativity soar

Foto: Melissa A. Barton

My second poem for Global Poetry Writing Month, inspired by today’s prompt. To write a poem about a specific place – a particular house or store or school or office. So I choose my favorite store in Stockholm. Which also happens to be one of the best places I ever worked.

Also linking to OpenLinkNight #263 at dVerse.

Foto: Melissa A. Barton

GloPoWriMo 2020

DAY 1 – Build a New Start
DAY 2 – Beloved Bookstore

Foto: Melissa A. Barton

Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Moon Ate the Dark – RedCat — Brave & Reckless

In the full moon light
Neither public persona nor shadow side
Can stay hidden to the Goddess sight

In revelations She delights
Illuminating all that’s hidden inside
Unveiling what hinders living in divine light

In presence of Her light
Let the divine spark decide
Sacrifice all those feelings of fright […]

Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Moon Ate the Dark – RedCat — Brave & Reckless

I’m so happy and proud to re-blog this, my response to, The Moon Ate the Dark Challenge. ❤️ Thank you for publishing my poem! 🌹

Build a New Start

Photo by Alex Montes on

Worry swirling, keeping awake
Fear and disease, dreams take

Heart beat, draw breath
How many, until I face death

Soul cries, blood flows
Act now! The world never slows

Live true, free spirit
Loving kindness, universal true merit

Fierce mind, brave heart
Embrace change, build a new start


Inspired by a sleepless night, and Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge.

The last weeks I’ve been struggling with if it’s right to write in a time like this. After much thought and meditation on the subject. Instead I decided to trow myself into writing and sharing. Poetry, my meditation and compassion mind training journey, some prose, and small things that put a smile on my face or brightens the day.

Sonnet read by Sir Patric Stewart

The other day, as I contemplated participating in GloPoWriMo 2020, I found this fabulous advise in on or their posts

… “check out noted thespian and space captain Sir Patrick Stewart’s twitter account, where he is posting a video of himself reading one of Shakespeare’s sonnets every day, under #sonnetaday?”

So off you go – listen to a sonnet or two. Or all eleven so far… ❤️

Photo by Pixabay on

Coronavirus: The good that can come out of an upside-down world – BBC News

Our world has changed immensely in the last few weeks but amid the upheaval and distress, there are reasons to believe we can emerge from the crisis with some human qualities enhanced, writes Matthew Syed.
The coronavirus has turned our lives upside down and, although we hope to return to some version of normality in the coming months, it is probable that nothing will quite be the same again. Many have lost their livelihoods and businesses, and there is no diminishing the difficulties - emotional and financial - this has brought in its wake.

But amid the darkness, there are also opportunities.

Opportunities to reimagine the world and one's place within it. Reversal techniques are typically used by people working in the creative industries to come up with new products or innovations. I wonder if we can all use it to seek out a silver lining or two amid the grey clouds.

Read the rest of the article here.

Matthew Syed is the author of Rebel Ideas: the Power of Diverse Thinking

Drawings by Emma Lynch.

I don’t know why.

But taking this crisis to grow and evolve a better world,

are for me the only option.

Do you agree?

Photo by Brett Sayles on

Lonesome Cold Saturday Night

Photo by Pixabay on

Lonesome cold Saturday night
Lovers far from eyes sight
Separated by virus fright
Kept apart, acting right

Connected only by zero, one, zero
Challenging each to be an emotional hero
Learning how to digital love show
Delight in a faraway blue screen glow

Closeness but not physical such
Comfort without a hand to clutch
Sharing love, but unable to touch
Skin missing skin very much

As time comes for sleep
Longing go bone deep
Remembered embraces mind warm keeps
My hands substituting yours, orgasm upon orgasm me sweep


Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

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