When opportunity comes to call

When opportunity comes to call
Will you be willing to risk it all
Will you dare to take a chance
Allow yourself and your deepest dreams a whirlwind romance

When opportunity comes to call
Will you risk to stumble and fall
Will you dare to make a choice
Allow yourself to follow your inner passion’s voice

When opportunity comes to call
Will you risk receiving the windfall
Will you dare to aim for a dream
Allow yourself to live, for a time, in an uncertain in between


Inspired by Poetics: Take a risk! at dVerse and the thoughts running around in my mind.

Morpheus Speaks – Flash Fiction

Welcome to the labyrinth of dreams. Here the hallways twist and turn, intersections changing place at the speed of thoughts. Doors switch location in the blink of an eye.

You’ll travel here every night of your life. So there’s plenty of time to get to know the place.

Beware of old nightmares skulking in the shadows. They’ll stalk hesitant dreamers, hunt them with figments of their darkest fantasies. Watch out for time vortexes that’ll trap you in flashback loops as the real world moves on.

The intrepid explorer will in time form a thought-feel map of the place. Able to move between emotional spaces. Learn what a dream teaches, then move on to the next. The unaware wanderer is prey to the tug of war between nightmares and sweet dreams.

Remember! Crucial to finding the way is this: there is no beginning or end.

© RedCat

Tonight it’s time for a monthly favorite at dVerse – Prosery. Where we write prose, not poetry, incorporating a given line from another work and not exceeding 144 words. 

Tonight’s line is “Crucial to finding the way is this: there is no beginning or end.” from Joy Harjo’s “A Map to the Next World.” I strongly recommend reading the poem, it blew me away!

Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

Insatiably Curious! – A Quadrille

Curiosity has always been a driving force.
You might call it a personality quirk.
How does that work?
What does that really mean?
Wherein lies a myth’s source?
What happens behind the scene?
People think I’m inherently studious.
The truth is, I’m insatiably curious!


Written for tonight’s Quadrille #129: A Curiosity of Poems, prompt at dVerse. That little nugget of writing happiness invented at dVerse. A poem of just 44 words including the prompt word, which tonight is curiosity. My Quadrille has the curious, or if you will, strange rhyme scheme of abbcacdd.

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Heart-Soul Sounds – A Quadrille

Have you ever heard the sad sound
As betrayal a soul wounds
As a shattered heart hits the ground

Have you ever heard the sigh of release
As a soul lets go of grief
As a heart rewound in love finds peace

Heart-soul sounds


Written for this week’s Quadrille prompt – What’s in a word? – over at dVerse. Where Lillian prompts us to use the homographic pair of the word wound, meaning using the word twice in our 44 words Quadrille.

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Ode To My Dream Girl

Mouth that never knows when to shut up
Powered by a brain that knows a little about everything
That can talk the night away ‘til sunup
Then join the birds to dawns splendor sing

Eyes that sees and notices so much
Your truth and lies, what you wish from the world to hide
Hands built for toil and touch
That knows every household chore, that into ecstatic pleasures guide

Arms that moves graciously
Weather at work or play
Making you watch her endlessly
Finding reasons to every parting delay

Legs and feet that loves to dance
Energy that lasts all night long
Filling your head with ideas of a whirlwind romance
You’ll accept anything if she to you belongs

Body shaped like an hourglass
That makes your thoughts go but one way
You want to drink your fill like emptying a wine glass
Mesmerized by the hips sway

Sweet lips you dream to kiss
Bosom that makes heads turn
Her embrace would be pure bliss
Passion that so brightly burn

A mind full of intricate thought of her own
She is so much more than most will ever see
A will that demands to be accepted and fully known
To love her fully you have to let her be free


Written for tonight’s MTB: The Body & Poetry at dVerse. I didn’t know where to go with this one at all. So I just started writing. And ended up with a love letter to my younger self.

To all the good girls

Photo by Wellington Cunha from Pexels

To all the good girls

We despair of you losing a good time
We despair of you being fast asleep at bedtime
and be numbed normally grey and unmoved
and stable and sane and with all troubles removed

and as expected at the wake-up chime
to wake up slowly in your own time
We despair it’ll go much faster than you think
We despair it will take but a seconds blink


The conflicted poet

At first it seemed like a waste of words and time
I don’t want to write about good girls being fine
But then I starten to flip (nearly) all the words
And got surprised at what I heard
A note from all the naughty girls
To all the goody two shoes that never through the night twirls


Photo by Maor Attias from Pexels

Written for tonight’s dVerse — Poetics — Flipping Meanings prompt. Tonight’s challenge, was to pick one of these three pathways to use to write a poem:

  1. Choose one of your favorite poems by another poet and flip the meaning on it as shown in the video. Please include both the original poem and poet’s attribution along with your flipped poem;
  2. Choose one of your OWN favorite poems and flip it. Please include your original poem along with your flipped poem;
  3. Write a diamante poem as outlined above.

Bonus challenge questions: how did it feel to flip the script? Are you happy with how it turned out?

I chose path 3 and picked a poem I loved during adolescence. From A Bad Girl by Karin Boye, although I much prefer using naughty or wicked when I translate the title. I also took the bonus challenge which itself turned into another poem.

One of the few words I didn’t flip was Girl, the reason for this is that I identify both with the original poem and as a girl. So I wanted to keep an hint of the original meaning.

You can read a translation of the original below. The translation is from The Karin Boye Society.


I hope you’re having a rotten time.
I hope you’re lying awake like I am,
and feeling strangely glad and stirred
and dizzy and anxious and very disturbed.

and suddenly you’ll hurry up
to settle down and sleep like a top.
I hope it takes you longer than you think…
I hope you don’t even get a wink!

Från en stygg flicka av Karin Boye – Translated into English by David McDuff in “Karin Boye: Complete poems”.

GloPoWriMo 2021 preparations

© RedCat

Tomorrow is first of April, the beginning of Easter, or Ostara if you’re so inclined. It’s also the first day of Global Poetry Writing Month. I participated last year without knowing what I got myself into.

I managed to write 30 poems with some help from my favourite writing community site’s.

This year I have actually planned a bit ahead. Thinking over which sites gives the prompts that inspires me most. And signing up for another Ekprastic Challenge.

You’ll find me writing to art at The Wombwell Rainbow, to the always inspiring Skyloverswordlist, my poetry home at dVerse Poet’s Pub, and perhaps also The Sunday Muse, Poet’s and Storytellers United and Earthweal.

See you at the poetry trail! 💕

© RedCat

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