Green Light by Lorde – Saturday Song

Green Light by Lorde

Saturday and I thought for once I try to put up my Saturday Song well before midnight.

Tonight you’ll get a Green Light by Lorde. An artist I had read about but not listened to until synchronicity struck.

Someone I recently got to know started to talk about Lorde’s music, and dVerse hosted a Synesthesia prompt, where she was prominent. After that I started to listen to her and directly fell in love with her music. So here’s one of her songs that instantly makes me smile and feel better whatever life has thrown at me that day. To say nothing of how much I just want to dance like there’s no tomorrow. 

I’ve written two Synesthesia inspired poems, Colours of the Choir and Trapped Within A Glass-Shard Maze.


Green Light by Lorde

Beguile and Bewitch

Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

The old wife’s gossip say
She has blood of the Fey
Long locks sparkling red
Hips sway turn every head
Glowing alabaster skin
Sky blue eyes to soar in
Feet dance rather than walk
Mind read hearts like a hawk
A bubbly laugh deep and rich
She souls beguile and bewitch


Went looking for some inspiration and found it with Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt.

Moonsea – Ekphrastic Challenge January 22

Kerfe Roig – Moonsea

Moon of dreams and craters
Rock of sunbeams and daters

Moon of rock and tide
Shadow of moonwalk and fireside

Moon of shadow and peaks
Valleys of libido and mystique’s

Moon of valleys and seas
Dust of beauties and ecstasies

Moon of dust and reflection
Promise of lust and seduction

Moon of the Goddess
Dreams and promise


Both the weft and warp of this poem are mine. The inspiration I owe thanks to the artist, a friendly word and a caring heart and of course the Moon herself.

For all art and poetry for today visit The Wombwell Rainbow.

Photo by Juhasz Imre on
Kerfe Roig

A resident of New York City, Kerfe Roig enjoys transforming words and images into something new.  Her poetry and art have been featured online by Right Hand PointingSilver Birch PressYellow Chair ReviewThe song is…Pure HaikuVisual VerseThe Light EkphrasticScribe BaseThe Zen Space, and The Wild Word, and published in Ella@100Incandescent MindPea River JournalFiction International: Fool, Noctua Review, The Raw Art Review, and several Nature Inspired anthologies. Follow her explorations on her blogs,  (which she does with her friend Nina), and, and see more of her work on her website

Bodies Move

Photo by Shelagh Murphy from Pexels

Lights fly
Strobe flashes
Feets stamp
Bodies move
Music soar
Hearts adore

Eyes meet
Hearts flashes
Lips tingles
Bodies move
Music soar
Want more

Clothes fly
Eyes flashes
Skin tingles
Bodies move
Music soar
Hearts adore

Skin contact
Breath catches
Heart speeds
Bodies move
Music soar
Erotic lore

Souls fly
Lightning flashes
Waves crashes
Bodies move
Music soar
Hearts adore


Drinking a glass of wine. Listening to dance music.
I couldn’t help but daydreaming a bit!

Photo by Valentin Antonucci from Pexels

Midwinter Love – A Landay Poem, 11 December (2019 Re-post)


Outside the white winter ice-cold
Inside the warm fiery Viking by Freya foretold

Longhouse cools as fire turn to embers
Passion ignites as skin touches skin below the furs

Midwinter winds whines around the thatch
As the warrior finds the shield-maidens lust his heart’s match

Wikimedia Commons

Written for Sannas’s prompt ~ May the fire in our hearts keep burning as though there is no end ~ Our challenge is to write a Landay (or a series of Landai) on a subject matter of our liking.
“It’s a traditional Afghan form which consists of a single couplet. 
There are nine syllables in the first line and thirteen syllables in the second. These short poems typically address themes of love, grief, homeland, war, and separation.”

There was also a link to this very interesting article ~ Landays.

I will definitely experience more with this form
and read more about the subject!

Walking up to you


Walking up to you
A private spotlight
An audience of one
Curious of me
Demanding honesty
Both good now and ugly past
Not polished social media life
The spotlight is not a mirror
But a doorway to private rooms
Excluding the rest of the world

Hands meet, fingers intertwining
Skin contact ignites the spark
Wanting a kiss, lips tingle
Two souls connect, passion flares
Hands explore curves and zones
Stripping away layers
Until skin touches only skin
Kissing, licking, nibbling, sucking
Pleasure given and shared

Every sensation heightened by mutual awareness
Breath deepens, heartbeat races
Waves start to build and roll
Velocity and intensity increases
Wave cresting, climax shared
Orgasm takes hold
You spend yourself as I buck and tremble


© RedCat

Read more sensual poetry here.

First published Friday 6th September 2019.
Re-published Saturday 1 February 2020.

Somewhere in the Dark

Photo by Andreas Wohlfahrt from Pexels

Somewhere in the dark
On the edge of a seat
An anxious suitor waits
For a glimpse of his heart

Up on stage, lights spark
Music starts, joyous and sweet
Still in pose, a dancer awaits
Knowing, this show is a new start

Together they’ll embark
Explore passions heat
Discover all that love creates
How life change with a sweetheart

© RedCat

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Photo by Mateus Souza from Pexels

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