I’m Tethered

This burning need has got me caught,
I’m tethered

She’s collared me with sweet release and
supple leather

Keeping me on leash by burning passion and
dream-wing feathers

Demanding I write regardless of the world,
or weather

I’ve come to recognize her as my fantasies and
mind’s bellwether

I must do her bidding or she’ll go, abandoning me

I thought she was forever lost, so I’ll happily walk in
my muse’s tether

After all, she’s my soul’s first lover


Written for this weekend’s prompt by Sammi Cox. The prompt word is tether and the word count is 80 words.

Ode to a dancer (2019 Re-post)


Your movement is mesmerizing enchanting
Your body radiating exuberance
Your eyes sparkle with joy
Sharing the bliss of dance with us all

Teaching how to be in the moment of movement
A guiding star to follow
All these words and more I would pen for you
As many as it takes to show my gratitude

After all, the smile on your face, the energy you give
Have led me back to a path thought lost
Rekindled a passion smothered
Showed that honing your skill will always pay off

I thank the fates for putting you in my life

In gusting autumn winds
bare bowers sway like
arms of dancers.

© RedCat

Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

Re-post comment:

Sitting on a bus on my way to a two hours dance workshop for the dancer who inspired this post. It felt natural that this was this week’s archive find.

This is my first try at a Haibun. And had I only formatted it differently and used interpunktion it could have been. Instead it’s a poem followed by a Haiku. And I decided to leave it like that.

Nathan DeFiesta on Unsplash

Written for dVerse. First time trying this format. Hope it’s mostly right… Written on the fly, will fix formatting later.

Daily Haibun, June 27th – Blue Sky, Pink Clouds

© RedCat

Just after ten at night. The sun is setting in a blue sky with wisp’s of clouds painted pink.

I’m seeking calm, inspiration and insights by looking at the sky. Listening to the birds singing. For a moment I feel the peace and joy you only find by slowing your breath. Being present in the moment.

In the pale blue sky
Moment stretches eternal
Soaring with birdsong

© RedCat

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The Dance by Garth Brooks – Saturday Song

The Dance by Garth Brooks

I’m always very proud and a bit embarrassed whenever someone comments that one of my poems reminds them of a song. Proud because it feels like I’ve made it. Embarrassed because it feels like I’m not worthy of such comparisons. I’m working hard to do something about that last part.

That being said, my inspiration for this weekend’s song comes from Dwight at Roth poetry, who commented that my poem “When opportunity comes to call” made him think of “The Dance” by Garth Brooks

Listening to it, my pride and embarrassment got replaced by amazement. It is such a beautiful song. And here I want to use a Swedish word without a direct English translation. Finstämd which means sweet, touching, moving the heart and soul. (Finely attuned, finely-tuned, delicate and sensitive according to my dictionary.)

I teared up as I sat listening. Touched by the song and by being able to write something that reminded Dwight of it. 

I relate very much to the refrain. Yes, sometimes foreknowledge would have made it possible to avoid heartache and pain, but inevitably it would have meant missing moments that will forever shine like stars in our memory. And I for one prefer having the memories, having lived and loved. 

Listen and enjoy!

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The Dance – Lyrics

Looking back on the memory of
The dance we shared ‘neath the stars above
For a moment all the world was right
How could I have known that you’d ever say goodbye

And now I’m glad I didn’t know
The way it all would end, the way it all would go
Our lives are better left to chance
I could have missed the pain
But I’d have had to miss the dance

Holding you, I held everything
For a moment wasn’t I the king
If I’d only known how the king would fall
Hey, who’s to say, you know I might have changed it all

And now I’m glad I didn’t know
The way it all would end, the way it all would go
Our lives are better left to chance
I could have missed the pain
But I’d have had to miss the dance

If our lives are better left to chance
Oh, our lives are better left to chance
Oh, our lives are better left to chance

I could have missed the pain
But I’d have had to miss the dance

Källa: Musixmatch

The Dance by Garth Brooks

Galaxy of unknown stars

Artist impression of a firestorm of star birth deep inside core of young, growing elliptical galaxy.
NASA, Z. Levay, G. Bacon (STScI), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Sailing towards a galaxy of unknown stars
Space full of still unexplored planets
Dreams of visiting unseen worlds
Fantasies of learning yet unheard words

Only the travellers self doubt exhilaration mars
Fears streaking by like comets
Old scars chafing like forming pearls
Nightmares circling like buzzards

Following the call of twin hear-soul lodestars
Drinking the mead of poets
Freed imagination new star sparks swirl
Awakened inspiration newfound stories herd

Sailing towards a galaxy of unknown stars
Newly discovered hopes skyrocket
Dreams of visiting unseen worlds
Fantasies grow wings and soar like spacebirds


Colossal hot cloud envelopes colliding galaxies
Smithsonian Institution from United States, No restrictions, via Wikimedia Commons

Written for this weekend’s writing prompt by Sammi Cox. The word is galaxy and the word-count is exactly 92 words. 

The rhyme scheme is ABCD. and the first A and C line repeat in the last stanza.

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Souricette-du-13, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Daily Haibun, June 7th – Joy Harjo

In tonight’s Prosery prompt over at dVerse, I had the utter delight and joy to find a new poet. I fell head over heels for Joy Harjo’s poem “A Map to the Next World.” And now all I want to do is read more!
Even though it’s late and I should prepare for sleep. Oh well, sleep can wait a bit… :-)

To read is to share
Thoughts and dreams with another
Like yet unlike me


Harjo once commented, “I feel strongly that I have a responsibility to all the sources that I am: to all past and future ancestors, to my home country, to all places that I touch down on and that are myself, to all voices, all women, all of my tribe, all people, all earth, and beyond that to all beginnings and endings. In a strange kind of sense [writing] frees me to believe in myself, to be able to speak, to have voice, because I have to; it is my survival.”

Source: Poetry Foundation

“To read the poetry of Joy Harjo is to hear the voice of the earth, to see the landscape of time and timelessness, and, most important, to get a glimpse of people who struggle to understand, to know themselves, and to survive.”

Source: Poetry Foundation

Morpheus Speaks – Flash Fiction

Welcome to the labyrinth of dreams. Here the hallways twist and turn, intersections changing place at the speed of thoughts. Doors switch location in the blink of an eye.

You’ll travel here every night of your life. So there’s plenty of time to get to know the place.

Beware of old nightmares skulking in the shadows. They’ll stalk hesitant dreamers, hunt them with figments of their darkest fantasies. Watch out for time vortexes that’ll trap you in flashback loops as the real world moves on.

The intrepid explorer will in time form a thought-feel map of the place. Able to move between emotional spaces. Learn what a dream teaches, then move on to the next. The unaware wanderer is prey to the tug of war between nightmares and sweet dreams.

Remember! Crucial to finding the way is this: there is no beginning or end.

© RedCat

Tonight it’s time for a monthly favorite at dVerse – Prosery. Where we write prose, not poetry, incorporating a given line from another work and not exceeding 144 words. 

Tonight’s line is “Crucial to finding the way is this: there is no beginning or end.” from Joy Harjo’s “A Map to the Next World.” I strongly recommend reading the poem, it blew me away!

Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

Daily Haibun, June 4th – Contemplating Summer

It’s been a busy day. Yet in the back of my mind are questions of summer. For the second year running there are no big holiday plans. Just smaller day outings loosely planned for when and if the pandemic permits. I really hope the warm weather and vaccinations will make a difference and we will be able to do at least some things.

But mostly I’m thinking about writing. Should I write more? Or should I write less? (Meaning only when inspiration strikes.) Should I try to develop an even more structured writing habit? Should I take some time off blogging and try to write something aimed at submitting for publication? 

Do any of the above questions matter as I’ll have two kids at home all summer?!?

I also long for some extra time to read. Poetry, fiction and nonfiction. 
Does anyone have some interesting book tips for books I just have to read?

Writing and reading
Nourishes my mind and soul
A necessity


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Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

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