Human Missconceptions (2020 Re-post)

Art by helldivo at DeviantArt 

We see trees to fell

We fail to hear the stories a forest can tell

Timber to count

Of life giving life, until we come Gaia’s fount

Land to clear

Rebirth and renewal every year

Fields to sow

How nature nothing away throws

We see nature as something to tame

Our beloved planet will never be the same

We must learn, or live in man made hell
Teach each other to hard challenges surmount
Learn to hold our only planet dear
Accept that to some laws of nature we must bow
Because if Earth dies beneath our feet, we only got ourselves to blame

© RedCat

Re-post comment:

Nearly a year on I wish I could say we have taken strides to change our behavior. To remind us all this becomes this week’s archive poem.

In The Anthropocene Hymnal we share poetry about our slow sleepwalk into Armageddon.

Inspiered by the beautiful artwork shared by The Sunday Muse.

Also posted to Writers’ Pantry #34 at Poets and Storytellers United.


Solitude and I (2020 Re-post)

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Abandoned and abused, I grew to fear you
But in truth, I where reared by you

Bullied as other, ostracized by my peers
Alone with daily jeers, leers and snears
Childhood and adolescence, year after year
Branding me as strange and queer

Yours the only company to keep me near
Convincing me I’m a mere shadow
Not really alive, not supposed to be here

Developed intimate knowledge of all your tiers
As loneliness you have tooth and claws that tear
Lead chains that trust steer
Forged by every untruth spear
Betrayal heart and soul sear
Invisible barriers separating, from those you hold dear

Dark lonely nights your visits I fear
Haunted hours filled with tears
Leaving me hollow and sheer
As pale dawn washes the heavens clear

After becoming a mother, I’ve started to befriend you, we’re
Old pals, whatever the history, that’s clear
Nowadays I even hold our moments dear
Filled with new knowledge, hope and trust
I’ll never again from my own side veer

All that I seek
I can find within my own heart soul sphere


Photo by James Wheeler on

Re-post comment:

Loneliness has been much on my mind and in my feelings the last couple of weeks. Both the kind is need and seek. And the kind that can make me feel wholly alone in a room full of people.

So this poem is this week’s archive find.


This piece where not something I wished to write, but perhaps needed to write, as whatever I thought about the subject solitude – that I express both it and loneliness quite often – got drowned out by this piece rhymes running in loops in my mind.

In the prompt Björn writes;
In today’s situation of social distancing, we all have taken a crash course in loneliness, and when learning to cope. Today I would like you to write about your own experience with how you find strength in solitude or how you still struggle with loneliness.

Friendship – Hay(na)ku (2020 Re-post)

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Not asleep
Company you keep

Worry sharing
Hand hold caring

Strong pillar
Repels depressive killer

Honest, straight
Restoring lost faith

Big, small
Trauma scarred all

Freely given
True heart living

Fortifying presence
Find my essence

Along way
Even when astray

To be
Realize all me


Photo by Bakr Magrabi on

Re-post comment:

Another Hay(na)ku for this week’s Wandering the Archives Wednesday.


Summer sky (2020 Re-post)


Tonight I dream of summer sky

Of of flying free, never asking why

All trouble vanish there up high

Where lovely birds sang trilling lullaby

Oh, come soar sweet warm summer sky

© RedCat

Re-post comment:

For this slow summer week I found this sweet little poem from the archives to share.

Both of my photos are of dawn skies in the last week.


© RedCat

I couldn’t sleep. Again! So I gave up on tossing and turning. And wrote a little poem instead.

Inspired by this week’s Whirligig. Also posted to Writers’ Pantry #5: A Tiny Light at the End of the Plastic Tunnel

Ode to a dancer (2019 Re-post)


Your movement is mesmerizing enchanting
Your body radiating exuberance
Your eyes sparkle with joy
Sharing the bliss of dance with us all

Teaching how to be in the moment of movement
A guiding star to follow
All these words and more I would pen for you
As many as it takes to show my gratitude

After all, the smile on your face, the energy you give
Have led me back to a path thought lost
Rekindled a passion smothered
Showed that honing your skill will always pay off

I thank the fates for putting you in my life

In gusting autumn winds
bare bowers sway like
arms of dancers.

© RedCat

Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

Re-post comment:

Sitting on a bus on my way to a two hours dance workshop for the dancer who inspired this post. It felt natural that this was this week’s archive find.

This is my first try at a Haibun. And had I only formatted it differently and used interpunktion it could have been. Instead it’s a poem followed by a Haiku. And I decided to leave it like that.

Nathan DeFiesta on Unsplash

Written for dVerse. First time trying this format. Hope it’s mostly right… Written on the fly, will fix formatting later.

Midsummer Poppies (2020 Re-post)

© RedCat

When dusk is night long
Lasting until dawn
Poppies vibrant song
Siren fey dreams spawn

Thrumming in the veins
Passion’s deep well
Growing like the grains
By hypnotic smell

Hear Midsummer’s call
Wonders fill your heart
Feel the fire of Sol
Drink her heedy quart

Frolic and feel joy
Bathe in love’s red lust
Freedom life buoy
By starlight souls trust

Bask in Everglow
Caressed by the breeze
Rest content below
Midsummer poppies


© RedCat

Re-post comment:

Midsummer is drawing nearer each day. So it felt fitting to share this poem for tonight’s Wandering the Archives Wednesday.

Nights are magical right now. The light is otherworldly. Flowers shine with their own light and lend a seducing perfume to the air.

Read more about the Goddess Sól (Norse Mythology) on Wikipedia.

Photo by Freddie Ramm on

Also linking to Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge at Go Dog Go Café.

On the Cusp of a Dream Achieved (2020 Re-post)

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Re-post comment:

This Pantoum sums up the way I’ve been feeling for a couple of weeks now. Again achieving things I long for and dream about sends me into a tailspin of deep self doubt, shame and anxiety. So I thought it fitting to make this the archive find for this week.

On the cusp of a dream achieved
Truth of inner worth freed
Bone deep self doubt revealed
Planted with every unmet need

Truth of inner worth freed
A girl bred to never succeed
Planted with every unmet need
She never learnt how to receive

A girl bred to never succeed
A light shone where kind self-love breeds
She never learnt how to receive
Sorrow joy supersede

A light shone where kind self-love breeds
Bone deep self doubt revealed
Sorrow joy supersede
On the cusp of a dream achieved


I refuse to let my current depressive slide stop my writing. So today I sat down to see if I could write a poem about my truth, my life, and the added stress that accounts for the current mood.

I long known I self-sabotage and have trouble receiving positive praise, but I didn’t know it ran this deep. I thought sending the submissions out where the struggle. The last weeks have shown me, that success and actually achieving a lifelong dream, with grace and real joy, is the real struggle and it’s only just begun.

This is one of my favorite linked forms, a pantoum.

My process for writing a pantoum goes something like this…

The pattern is ABCD, BEDF, EGFH, GCHA. Since line A and C becomes both the start and end I usually write the first and last stanza, then the middle ones.

Also shared to dVerse’s Open Link Night.

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