Life Ebb And Flow – A Quadrille

Life ebb and flow,
Always heading towards that frightening unknowable goal
It streams that way whether we flounder or soar
That is why, the wise ones say
Make the most out of every day
Because you never know
What hazards in the streambed lays


Photo by Landsil on Unsplash

Written for tonight’s Quadrille prompt at dVerse. That fun little form with just 44 words, with a given prompt word. Not including the title. Tonight the given word is stream.

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Chicago Juke – A Quadrille

Chicago Footwork

Up and down the city streets
The place is quivering with heat
Rising from the dusty concrete
Undulating to the juke’s syncopated beat
Everybody Chicago footworking their feet
A dance where struggle liberation meets
Echoing the racing heartbeats
As the vocals reverse and repeat


Written for tonight’s Quadrille prompt over at dVerse. The sweet little poem consists of just 44 words. Since our host urged us to: 

“Let’s get the hips a swaying to the rhythm //of words. Let your voices rise & SinG!” 

Quadrille 131 – with Brian Miller

I chose another meaning of the prompt word juke. That of the music genre Chicago Juke that is intimately connected with the dance form footwork

You can listen to the music and watch the dance in the links I’ve added.

Happy tenth anniversary!

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Bangs and Works Volume 1

Insatiably Curious! – A Quadrille

Curiosity has always been a driving force.
You might call it a personality quirk.
How does that work?
What does that really mean?
Wherein lies a myth’s source?
What happens behind the scene?
People think I’m inherently studious.
The truth is, I’m insatiably curious!


Written for tonight’s Quadrille #129: A Curiosity of Poems, prompt at dVerse. That little nugget of writing happiness invented at dVerse. A poem of just 44 words including the prompt word, which tonight is curiosity. My Quadrille has the curious, or if you will, strange rhyme scheme of abbcacdd.

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Heart-Soul Sounds – A Quadrille

Have you ever heard the sad sound
As betrayal a soul wounds
As a shattered heart hits the ground

Have you ever heard the sigh of release
As a soul lets go of grief
As a heart rewound in love finds peace

Heart-soul sounds


Written for this week’s Quadrille prompt – What’s in a word? – over at dVerse. Where Lillian prompts us to use the homographic pair of the word wound, meaning using the word twice in our 44 words Quadrille.

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Seeds – A Quadrille

The artwork Perpetual repercussion by Dyveke Sanne, over the Svalbard Global Seed Vault entrance.
Martyn Smith from London, England, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sow love and friendship giving seeds
Uproot energy stealing weeds

Nurture that which creativity breeds
Scale away all that negativity breeds

Grow roots that fulfill your needs
Show thankfulness for caring deeds

Follow paths that to growth leads
Sow hope and dream fostering seeds


Written for tonight’s Planting Seeds Quadrille prompt at dVerse.

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Casanova Comes Closer (2020 Re-post)

Photo by Pedro Figueras on

Re-post comment:

Welcome to another Wandering the Archives Wednesday. This month is all about GloPoWriMo. So here’s the fourth most read post from April 2020.


Casanova comes closer
Celebrated curves charm
Lips cherry colored
Cobalt eyes cajole
Clothes, composure convey carefree confidence
Concealing clingy charcoal chemise
Careful charisma conspire
Channeling close connection
Compassionate carnal company
Clarion cavalry call
Come cherished cupid
Come closer
Come conquer
Come champion
Come climax


Time for Quadrille #101 – a poem of precisely 44 words – at dVerse poets pub. Really love playing around with this format. :-)

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GloPoWriMo 2020

DAY 1 – Build a New Start
DAY 2 – Beloved Bookstore
DAY 3 – Sunshine and Hail
DAY 4 – Isolation Dating
DAY 5 –Staring out a Windowpane
DAY 6 – Casanova Comes Closer
DAY 7 – Swirling Colors of my Mind
DAY 8 – White – Red – Black
DAY 9 – Different World After
DAY 10 – Spring Hay(na)ku
DAY 11 – Love – Hay(na)ku
DAY 12 – Make Art – Triolet inspired
by Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell
DAY 13 – What did you think would happen
to a child left on my doorstep?
DAY 14 – Ballad of the Lost Poet
DAY 15 – Writer’s class – Hay(na)ku
DAY 16 – What is a Nomad without a Tribe?
DAY 17 – Pale Spring, Here Again, Nature Awake
DAY 18 – Spring Day in the Garden
DAY 19 – Close Couplets
DAY 20 – Lost in Love’s First Flush
DAY 21 – She Tasted Like Memory
DAY 22 – Struggling Mind
DAY 23 – Written in the book of dust
DAY 24 – At the end of every week, Friday-Cozy!
DAY 25 – Slip, Crack, Shatter
DAY 26 – Humans Really Don’t Know
DAY 27 – April Rain
DAY 28 – Greeting the Watch Horse
DAY 29 – Letter of Hope
DAY 30 – Witches Walpurgis Night Preparation

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Oh Bother! – A Quadrille in Ovillejo Form

What if you need a workout?
Runs out!
Finger stained blue and pink
Of ink
Not as tidy as your mother
Oh bother!

I rather be a good author

Writing mind blowing poems
One from whom creativity stems
Runs out of ink, oh bother!


The Ovillejo form which I found and learned earlier this week, and wrote a triplet of. This time in Quadrille form, so a fewer syllables to accommodate the maximum word count of 44 words.

Read this 2016 dVerse post for more information about Ovillejo.

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