I’ll Abide

Photo by PrathSnap from Pexels

I’ll abide this
Abiding isolation
Touch deprivation
Dark longing
Clawing need of belonging

As long as our close connection abides
I’ll wait until you’re at my side

Survive on cyber touch and kiss
Write fantasies of shared bliss

Oh, how I tactile pleasures miss


Written for dVerse — Quadrille 117 — The Dude Abides.

Words dance – 2019 Re-post

For this the first Sunday in Advent I choose to re-post this lighthearted, fun word dance.

I also think it’s time to find some new words to dance with in this form.


I like words.
Love to move in dance.

Move words to dance in love.
I like!

Love to dance.
Move in words I like.

Like in dance.
I love to move words.

Words move love.
I like to dance in.

I like words to love.
Dance in, move.

Words in love dance.
I move to like.

Like I dance.
Words love to move in.

I love words.
To move like in dance.

I in words dance.
To move like love.


Photo by Matej from Pexels

Written for today’s prompt at toads ~ Weekend Mini Challenge. We’re asked to read the poem  ‘The Uncertainty of the Poet’. And “study the structure and word patterns, and then write a similar poem, choosing your own words to noodle around with, restricting yourself to those words and trying them out in different combinations in couplets.”

This was really fun and both as easy as it looks at first and deceptively hard.
I played around with a couple of different word combination before finding my stride…

Originally posted Friday 29 November, 2019.

Walking up to you


Walking up to you
A private spotlight
An audience of one
Curious of me
Demanding honesty
Both good now and ugly past
Not polished social media life
The spotlight is not a mirror
But a doorway to private rooms
Excluding the rest of the world

Hands meet, fingers intertwining
Skin contact ignites the spark
Wanting a kiss, lips tingle
Two souls connect, passion flares
Hands explore curves and zones
Stripping away layers
Until skin touches only skin
Kissing, licking, nibbling, sucking
Pleasure given and shared

Every sensation heightened by mutual awareness
Breath deepens, heartbeat races
Waves start to build and roll
Velocity and intensity increases
Wave cresting, climax shared
Orgasm takes hold
You spend yourself as I buck and tremble


© RedCat

Read more sensual poetry here.

First published Friday 6th September 2019.
Re-published Saturday 1 February 2020.

Inky and Ice Cold Tarn of Sorrow

Image Source

Wave upon wave of darkness crashing in
Sinking, no chance to swim
Chilling doubt seeps in
Trauma wrought chains within

Shower and sparkle of bubbles with air
Lead heavy, stuck in despair
Losing the fight to draw air
Would anyone even care?

Inky and ice cold tarn of sorrow
No dawn of tomorrow
Frozen in ice sheets of sorrow
Cold in soul and marrow

Glimmer and gleam of bright hope
Igniting life’s colourful kaleidoscope
Even for the most wretched there’s shimmering hope
Hold my hand and together we’ll anything cope

© RedCat

Inspired by the first photo from The Sunday Muse.

And before anyone gets worried, this is thankfully not how bad my depression is right now. This is processing by writing about it. It is also an attempt to help someone else express themselves. And a chance to show some hope for everyone having a hard time right now.

Image Source

For me a tarn can be both a small woodland lake or a water filled old mining shaft, with inky black waters.

Somewhere in the Dark

Photo by Andreas Wohlfahrt from Pexels

Somewhere in the dark
On the edge of a seat
An anxious suitor waits
For a glimpse of his heart

Up on stage, lights spark
Music starts, joyous and sweet
Still in pose, a dancer awaits
Knowing, this show is a new start

Together they’ll embark
Explore passions heat
Discover all that love creates
How life change with a sweetheart

© RedCat

Read more sensual poetry here or a short story here.

Photo by Mateus Souza from Pexels

Come Poets Hope – A chant

Photo by fotografierende from Pexels

Come ice, come snow
Come star foretold
Plant seeds to grow
Spin straws to gold
Come birth, regrowth
Come poets hope
Let dreams be wrought
Craft words to cope

Plant seeds to grow
Spin straws to gold
Seek waters flow
Be brave, be bold
Let dreams be wrought
Craft words to cope
Let peace be sought
Learn faith to hold

Seek waters flow
Be brave, be bold
Come muses glow
Come tales untold
Let peace be sought
Learn faith to hold
Come heal, be whole
Come wear bards robe

Come muses glow
Come tales untold
Come ice, come snow
Come star foretold
Come heal, be whole
Come wear bards robe
Come birth, regrowth
Come poets hope

© RedCat

I decided to write a chant, playing around with the Pantoum format. Hope you like my merry-go-round!

Read live and written for dVerse: Open Link #279 – LIVE Edition

Photo by Mohammad reza Fathian from Pexels

Stalked – A Pleiades Poem

Image Source

Seven stars in the fall sky
Shining sisters with a cry
Shall we forever fly, flee
Stalked by hunters, never free
Scribe us a new life story
See us love, laugh, kiss, worry
Shroud us in modern glory

© RedCat

Written for Poetics: Stars that count over at dVerse. This Pleiades form, seven lines with seven syllables each, and all starting with the same letter as the one word title, is wholly new to me and took a couple of tries.

Tried to find inspiration in mythology, only found a tiredness over the way women are used in almost all of our founding stories.

So I gave that voice instead!

Image Source

The Sea is Gray

Photo by Ray Bilcliff from Pexels

The sea is gray and foaming at the tips, in the late November gale.
The wind tries to push me over the embankment, into the chilling,
killing waters.

Like a leaf blow about, my feelings flutter.
Cold and gray isolation. Touch deprivation.

Can one soul, separated apart, weather coming winter storm alone?

The wind turns northly
Clear, sharp, turning the air stark
Cold, dark winter falls

© RedCat

Written for tonight’s Haibun challenge over at dVerse.

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