Oh Bother! – A Quadrille in Ovillejo Form

What if you need a workout?
Runs out!
Finger stained blue and pink
Of ink
Not as tidy as your mother
Oh bother!

I rather be a good author

Writing mind blowing poems
One from whom creativity stems
Runs out of ink, oh bother!


The Ovillejo form which I found and learned earlier this week, and wrote a triplet of. This time in Quadrille form, so a fewer syllables to accommodate the maximum word count of 44 words.

Read this 2016 dVerse post for more information about Ovillejo.

2 thoughts on “Oh Bother! – A Quadrille in Ovillejo Form

Add yours

    1. Thank you! And it was because of that article I had to try to write one in Quadrille form even if it meant a bit fewer syllables. 😀
      Love the treasure trove of knowledge that’s in the dVerse archives. 🙏

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