Let’s get elemental!

Fastfission [Public domain]

In antiquity the elements where only four
Even if you added the mysterious Aether,
it was easy to keep score.
Air, Earth, Fire, Water metaphors
are easy to write line upon line
All the ethereal elements shine.

But the muses keep mum
about Gadolinium, Niobium and Technetium.
At least Cobalt are blue,
while Chlorine removes any hue.

Neon gives bright light.
Argon identifies a radioactive site.
Arsenic can be used with murderous intent.
Silicone is said to attract any Gent.

Platinum signifies being silly rich,
to much Gold just kitsch.
Silver is still the moon beam.
Mobiles made Yttrium mainstream.

Phosphorus gives white hell fire.
Carbon emissions ecosystems overtire.


Written for Let’s get elemental! at dVerse.

I decided to keep this one (mostly) lighthearted. :-)

Keith Enevoldsen [CC BY-SA]

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