Take a chance on me

SVT, Melodifestivalen [CC BY-SA4.0]

Take a chance on me
I will make you see
How to make your mark in history

Take a chance on me
I will set you free
Standby while you build your own destiny

Take a chance on me
I will help forge a key
To unlock your creative energy

Take a chance on me
I will hear your plea
If you’re ever need restful stability

Take a chance on me
Let me be with thee
Let us explore the secret mystery


So it’s that time of year. For six weeks, every Saturday evening will be dedicated to the Melodifestivalen on telly, five song competitions, one final, one winner, who will compete at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam this May.

This thing have been running for sixty years, so for many it’s family tradition. For years and years I didn’t watch. But then I worked in the nightclub industry where this music is huge, and got kids, who of course love it like I did as young.

So now, I’ve even been to the final one year and seen a rehearsal another. No getting away, in other words…

So I decided to turn in into a kind of prompt for myself. Every week I will pick one line of lyrics from one of the – direct to final – qualifiers, and write a poem containing that line.

Tonight that meant the line “Take a chance on me” from Robin Bengtssons song – Take a chance.

If you would like to participate just write a poem or prose piece and post the link in the comments below.

Also posted to Promote Yourself Monday, February 3, 2020 at Go Dog Go Café.

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