Pansarbjørne visitor

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Silver light
Shining, sparkling, revealing
Human wreckage, no future

Deepest winter
Searching, roaring, defending
Come to save kindred

Old home
Warming, thawing, changing
Polar bears place lost

Without hope
Hurting, starving, dying
Mourning lost ice life

Different world
Snowing, freezing, theming
Without thinking destroying ape

Deepest winter
Warning, thawing, changing
Mourning lost ice life


Written to the beautiful image from Sunday Muse # 94. I really wanted to write something with a little hope in it, but that seems so hard right now.

Then for some reason, one particular bear came to mind. And I tried to imagine him or one of his Pansarbjørne-kin to come and rescue our polar bears.

Also I’ve been practicing writing didactic Cinquains and ended up by trying my hand at a Garland cinquain.

13 thoughts on “Pansarbjørne visitor

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  1. It is hard to write hopeful odes these days. My thoughts are with the polar bears – and the penguins down south, as Antararctica was 68 degrees the other day. Sigh.

  2. strung beautifully, love your poem title to begin with and the words all interconnected, a beautiful chain of cold and frost and sadness, each word then echoing the next

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