Längtan till Landet – Saturday Song

Längtan till Landet sung by Oscar Fredriks Vocalis and Cecilia choir. Recorded live in Oscar Fredriks church, 7 maj 2014.

Time for a Saturday Song and tonight you’ll get a Swedish song from 1838. It’s one of the most iconic spring songs, and traditionally sung as we gather round the Walpurgis Night bonfires.

So I’ve been humming this for a couple of days. And miss hearing it sung by a choir as we once again did not gather for the fires due to the pandemic.

The song is titled “Longing for the country”.

I couldn’t find any translations of either text or title. And I don’t have the time tonight to translate it myself. That will have to be a project for another time as something so well known and loved, and written as poetry will take much thought and time to translate.

Let me just say it’s about how winter’s rage is done, spring has come and now we long for the countryside.

Facts and text can be read in Swedish on Wikipedia and Wikisource.
On the Wikipedia page you can hear an instrumental phonograph recording from 1913.

I hope you can feel the relieved happiness over spring’s return even if it’s in Swedish.


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