Moments of History


There’s weight to these moments

Will we rise to our loving brightest best?

Will we shoulder the burden of history with humble compassion?

Will we follow the enlightened path of equal value to all humans?

History is always written right in front of our eyes. Yet, we notice it not. Bogged down with living. But now and again a moment stands in stark contrast to humdrum everyday life. And we know in the marrow of our bones, that this will be in the history books.

The first such moment I remember where a morning in 1986, when the radio talked of nothing but the murder of the Swedish Prime Minister. I where to young to understand wholly, but I knew death, and I where already adept at reading feelings, so I noticed how every adult where affected.

In the 1989 the Berlin Wall fell, pulling down the Iron Curtain and ending the Cold War. Changing Europe and ending the Soviet Union. In 1991 Yugoslavia started to violently fall apart, and for a too well read Swedish girl it seemed like war in our backyard.

Then 2001, in the early IT era, first a report of a strange accident. A plane hitting a building in New York. News sites went down, rumors flew. People actually talked to each other in the subway that afternoon, pooling information. And let me tell you, we swedes do not talk to strangers when commuting – only addicts and crazy’s do that.
Then I where home, watching CNN, seeing the towers fall.
History was written, and the world changed again.

Christmas 2004, the third biggest recorded earthquake created a tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands, displacing millions. I can still remember the pictures of water rolling in, of people being swept away.

Since then countless of disasters, terror attacks and wars. Each important, each shaping the future, each giving us another chance to learn and grow.

The 2020’s started shaky, environmental disaster unfolding. Climate worry growing. Then a centennial re-occurrence. A global pandemic.

For weeks now I’ve heard the wings of history beat up a global storm. Felt the weight of living, seeing, feeling, writing trough history as it unfolds.

Wondering if there is ever words enough…

In my heart of hearts I hope we learn something worthwhile.

That we grow and evolve into a planet wide tribe of compassionate people.

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